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SPI Dream Color Controllers

Skydance magic color series products include RF SPI controller, RGB SPI remote control, DMX-SPI decoder and SPI signal splitter/amplifier.

The SPI controller or decoder outputs 1/2/3 channel SPI signal, compatible with up to 31 RGB/RGBW chip types, R/G/B color order can be set, support 32 dynamic change modes, the maximum control points is 1024 pixels, bring you a magical color experience.

The SPI controller or decoder is not allowed to connect multiple SPI pixel LED strips on the same output port at the same time, otherwise the lights may flicker and need to be used with the SPI signal splitter/amplifier.


Shop By SPI Controller | Decoder Type

  • SPI Controller SeriesSPI Controller Series

    1. The SPI controller contains RF SPI controller and DMX-SPI decoder.

    2. The RF SPI controller outputs 1 channel SPI signal, which shall be matched with the RGB SPI remote control. The chip type, R/G/B color order and control points shall be set through the remote control.

    3. The DMX-SPI decoder outputs 1/2/3 SPI signal, compatible with DMX512/RDM standard protocol, and sets DMX address, chip type, R/G/B color order and control points by digital tube display key.

    4. The DMX-SPI decoder can also be matched with the RGB SPI remote.

    5. 32 changemodes are available, including horse-race, chase, flow, trail or gradual change style.

  • SPI Signal SplitterSPI Signal Splitter

    1. The SPI signal splittersplits / amplifies one group of SPI signals (data + clock) into two groups of SPI signals.

    2. It is used with SPI controller to synchronously control multiple SPI pixel LED strips.


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