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DMX Controller & Driver

This brand DMX controller easy operation with OLED screen and touch buttons. 8bit (256 levels)/16bit (65536 levels) grey level optional. Support 3 kinds of DMX ports with signal isolation function: 3-pin XLR, RJ45, and green terminal (with signal amplifier function). With RDM remote management protocol, the operations can be completed via the RDM master console, such as parameters browsing & setting, DMX address setting, equipment recognition, etc. Optional for standard, linear, LOG, or custom 0.1-9.9 dimming curve. Power-off data saved function.


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  • DMX ControllerDMX Controller

     Welcome to use our DMX512 controller. It is the upgraded version of the BC-100 DMX512 controller, it outputs international standard DMX512/1992 signal, it not only can control all the LED lights in the market as long as it receives standard DMX signal but also can work with DMX Decoder to control generally led lights which do not accept DMX512 signal. This DMX512 Controller has an LCD screen, easy to operate with RF wireless remote control. Built-in real-time clock system and a strong DIY & combination function can achieve the abundant light color effect and can meet your various control requirements.

  • DMX CV DecoderDMX CV Decoder

    the DIN Rail high Power DMX512 constant voltage decoder is specially developed for constant voltage LED lamps. It adopts advanced microcomputer control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to PWM signal. 40 output channels, can be used to control constant voltage single color, color temperature, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY type lamps. DIN Rail/screw dual-use installation method for easy installation.

  • DMX CC DecoderDMX CC Decoder

    DMX512 Constant Current Decoder which is developed only for a constant current LED lamps. It adopted advanced micro-computer control technology to transfer standard DMX512/1990 signal to PWM signal. The max output is marked beside the terminals, please choose the correct current as per your lamp, 4096 Grey Scales. It can be used as DMX512 master or as DMX decoder to connect computerized digital output console with analog silicon case and controls LED lamps of architecture and lighting.

  • DMX Signal DriverDMX Signal Driver

    Welcome to use our DMX512-RDM controller, which adapts the international wildly used DMX512-RDM/2009 standard protocol. lt has a quick and easy way to search and modify the functions of slave devices that support RDM commands.

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