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Multi-Color RGB LED Strips

These color changing LED light strips contain RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT types to bring stunning colorful effects and lighting ambiance to your space. They have adjustable colors, brightness, and modes, allowing you to customize your settings for different scenes and moods.

With multi color LED strip lights, you can choose your favorite light color, from soft warm white or cool daylight white to rich rainbow colors, creating the perfect lighting ambiance for your room and outdoor environments.



RGB lights integrate red, green, and blue (3in1) LED chip, which is a 4-channel multi color LED strip lights, you can light up the R/G/B three channels at the same time to produce white light, but the white light color temperature up to 9000K, display cool white lighting color with low color rendering index and long time load work, it is not recommend for daily lighting. So If you only need basic color changing lights for decorative lighting, RGB LED strips are more cost effective.

RGBW LED strip integrates red, green, blue, and white (4in1) LED chip, the white color can be Warm White (2800-3200K); Netural White (4000-4500K); and Daylight White (6000-6500K), which is a 5-channel color changing LED light strips and can produce pure white light for home decorative lighting and daily ambient lighting.

RGBWW (RGBCCT) is RGB color plus white CCT color, integrated red, green, blue, and tunable white (5in1) LED chip, CCT white adjustment range is 2700K-6500K, which is a 6-channel multi color LED lights strip, can produce purer warm white light + neutral white light + daylight white light, suitable for commercial decorative and task lighting.


Shop By Color Changing LED Strip Lights Type

  • RGB Flexible LED Strip LightsRGB Flexible LED Strip Lights

    We offer different types of color changing RGB led strip lights, such as 5050 RGB led strip and 2835, 4040, 3838 RGB types, etc. Here you can find an RGB led rope light from a narrow 5mm to wide 20mm PCB width. 

    RGB led light strips are the common color changing lighting type, through changing the state of the RGB three channels via an RGB controller, RGB driver, or DMX RDM decoder, you can get various colorful light effects. 

    RGB led strips can be installed with silicone neon diffuser or led profile channel to create soft linear lighting and aesthetic effects.

  • RGBW LED Strip LightsRGBW LED Strip Lights

    Our RGBW LED Strip Lights are the best choice for your next color changing indoor and outdoor RGBW lighting project. RGBW LED light strips integrate RGB LEDs and white LEDs on one PCB tape, allowing mixing to produce more colors. The color changing effects are controlled by RGBW ControllerThe white light color of the RGBW led strip is optional, Warm White (2800-3200K), Netural White (4000-4500K), or Daylight White (6000-6500K). These waterproof available RGBW led strips offer versatile outdoor LED strip lighting solutions with added protection against water and weather damage. 

    • RGBW 4-in-1 LED: RGBW four color LED chips are in the same SMD 5050 LED, which is further improved in color and visual range than the RGB led strip.

    • R+G+B+W LED: Four individual single color LEDs, you can independently control the four single colors. 

    • RGB+W LED: RGB 3-in-1 LED plus white LED, can separately control RGB color and white color separately.

    • RGBW COB LED: Linear lighting without light spot, no dark areas. 

  • RGB+CCT LED Strip LightsRGB+CCT LED Strip Lights

    What is RGBWW (RGBCCT) LED strip?

    RGBWW is RGB+CCT / RGBCCT / RGB CCT (CCT: dual-white) / RGBCW / RGBDW, the RGB CCT LED strip adopts a flexible design structure and integrates Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, Daylight White 5in1 LED chips to produce purer warm white and daylight white light. Wth many different display forms (5in1 RGBCCT, RGB+CW+DW, RGBW+WW, RGB+CCT).

    Different from mixed R/G/B to produce white light (display light cool white color; low CRI; color temperature up to 9000K ), single color from RGB CCT with 95+ CRI, safety and high-efficiency. By matching RGBCCT LED controller, you can achieve precise color control, adjust RGBWW light color, brightness, and mode to achieve static and dynamic single color gradient in static and dynamic modes. 

    Accept custom RGBWW light strip lengths and waterproof ratings, for indoor and outdoor commercial decorative lighting and task lighting.

    LED types of multi-color RGBWW LED strips: 5-in-1 RGB CCT LED (RGBWW LED), 3-in-1 RGB LED + CCT LED, 3-in-1 RGB LED + Warm White LED + Daylight LED, 4-in-1 RGBW LED + White LED. Click here to intuitively understand. 

    rgbcct led strip lighting

  • High Voltage RGB LED StripsHigh Voltage RGB LED Strips

    What are high voltage RGB led strip lights?

    High voltage led strip light with direct AC 110V or 220V input, matching high-voltage LED controller to achieve multi-color gradient through smartphone APP control or wireless remote control. 

    Outdoor color changing led rope lights adopt high efficiency light-emitting diodes (22-24LM/LED) and environmental protection material, stable transmission, can achieve 164/328Ft ultra-long lighting without light spot and no voltage drop (can be customized length), easy installation.

    AC 110 volt and 220 volt led strip lights are wrapped by PVC tube or Silicon tube (waterproof IP67), heat and sun resistant to ensure continuous working time in an exterior outdoor environment

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