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WiFi/RF Control System(DX)

Ltech offers a wireless control system for LED light strips that combines WiFi and radio frequency (RF) technology, allowing users to control home lighting led strip devices via WiFi networks or RF signals.

Wireless LED Strip Receiver provides wireless RF remote control for LED strips, which is especially convenient for LED strips installed in high, hard-to-reach locations.


Shop By WiFi+RF Control System Type

  • WiFi LED ControllersWiFi LED Controllers

    These WiFi led strip controllers from Ltech support WiFi control through iOS and Android smart devices. Connect directly or through a wireless router. 2.4GHz based. Work with multiple LED strip types, suitable for various lighting applications.

    WiFi Controller is a versatile office/home lighting control system. Through WiFi function build-in mobile devices could control various types of LED lighting products after installing related software on ios or Android phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices. It makes led lighting control more intelligence, networking and humanization.

  • RF+DMX512 Touch PanelRF+DMX512 Touch Panel

    These led strip panel remote controls are both wireless RF remotes and wired DMX controllers, so pare them for Ltech RF controllers or directly connect to your DMX lights or decoders for led strip lighting control. 

    RF 2.4GHz and DMX512 output. Sensitive touch control. Support multiple control through multiple panels.

  • Wireless LED Strip ReceiverWireless LED Strip Receiver

    Ltech Wireless LED Strip Receiver allows users to adjust lighting effects via remote control, smartphone apps without being near the led strip and controller, improving the convenience of led control. 

    RF Wireless LED Strip Light Receiver communicates using radio frequency signals, has a long communication range and the ability to penetrate obstacles, makes LED light strip adjustments by matching an appropriate RF remote control.

    Bluetooth wireless LED Light Strip Receiver uses Bluetooth technology for communication, and can be controlled by smart phone app and corresponding RF remote, providing a more convenient user experience.

  • LED Remote ControlLED Remote Control

    Handheld remotes for LTECH wireless led strip controllers, receivers and modules, select the appropriate remote based on the controller you are ordering.

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