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DMX512/RDM Series

This series includes all Ltech products that support the DMX512 and RDM protocols. DMX512 is a digital control protocol that defines the communication standard between lighting devices. And RDM (Remote Device Management) is a remote device management protocol developed on the basis of DMX512 protocol, which can realize the remote management and monitoring of lighting equipment.

To connect your LED lights to the Ltech DMX controller for precise lighting control, you first need to confirm the type of your lights. If your LED light is just a normal type without a built-in DMX512 decoder or does not support the DMX512 control protocol, you can use an additional DMX512 decoder to convert the DMX512 control signal to a normal PWM control signal or SPI control signal.

DMX Control LED Lighting Strip – Things You Need To Know


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  • DMX512 Master controllerDMX512 Master controller

    These Ltech DMX Master Controllers can control DMX lights directly or through DMX Decoder/DMX LED Driver to dim LED strips and other LED lights. The wall-mounted touch panel can be integrated into your intelligent lighting control system. And you can use a DMX controller to program large building lighting. 

  • CV DMX512 DecoderCV DMX512 Decoder

    What Does A DMX Decoder Do? 

    DMX decoder is used to pair low-voltage LED strip lights and lamps with DMX controller.

    Ltech DMX Decoder adopts advanced microelectronic control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal into CV PWM signal to dim or control LED lights with single color, CCT dual color, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY, RGBWW, etc.

    Operated by DMX512 console to achieve 0-100% brightness and various changing effects. These Ltech DMX512 decoders come with digital displays or traditional dip switches.

  • CC DMX512 DecoderCC DMX512 Decoder

    What is the use of DMX decoder?

    A LED DMX decoder is a device that interprets the DMX signals from the lighting controller and sends them to the connected lighting devices to control their operation. 

    Ltech Constant Current DMX 512 Decoder means that it is designed to provide a fixed output current to the connected LED light, regardless of changes in load or input voltage.

    Matching the constant current output of the Ltech DMX decoder to the current requirements of the LEDs is critical.

  • DMX-SPI signal typeDMX-SPI signal type

    DMX-SPI signal decoder is to convert the DMX512 digital signal into SPI(TTL) digital signal. It can work on the DMX console to control addressable LED strip and lights with compatible driving ICs. DMX console can control every channel of the LED Lights, realizing 0-100% dimming and various changing effect.

    Ltech DMX SPI Decoder can control addressable LED lights based on following driving ICs: MBI6120, LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, TLS3001, TLS3002, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2812, P9813 IC, etc.

    The grey scales of DMX decoder depends on the driving IC, the above driving ICs are with a built-in grey scale processor and occupy 70-80% of LED digital lighting market, use Ltech DMX-SPI decoder can simply turn normal LED digital light to DMX512 LED light with international standard communication protocol, which is easy to promote in the international market.

    DMX-SPI decoders are widely used in the LED string light, LED dot light, SMD flexible strip, LED digital tube, wall light, pixel screen, high power spotlight, wall washer and kinds of LED digital lights.

  • CV DMX512 Dimmable DriverCV DMX512 Dimmable Driver

    These Ltech DMX512 LED drivers use DMX512 protocol to control and dim LED strips and constant-voltage LED fixtures. It regulates the current through DMX512 control signals to control the brightness of  LED lamps.

    DMX driver is suitable for simple lighting needs such as dimming of individual LED lights or LED light sets in homes or businesses. Installation is relatively simple.

  • CC DMX512 Dimmable DriverCC DMX512 Dimmable Driver

    Ltech Constant Current DMX Drivers provide a stable current output to LED lighting systems while also allowing LED light dimming. Unlike constant voltage drivers which provide a stable voltage output to the LED lighting system, a constant current DMX LED driver ensures that LED lights receive a consistent, regulated current. This helps protect LED lamps from damage caused by input voltage fluctuations. They are a popular choice for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

  • DMX Signal amplifierDMX Signal amplifier

    DMX signal amplifier, also known as DMX signal repeater or booster, is a device used to extend the range of DMX signals in a lighting system. DMX signals will be attenuated over long distances due to signal loss or interference.

    The Ltech DMX signal amplifier works by receiving the DMX signal from the controller and regenerating it to its original strength so that it can be transmitted further without loss of quality. The amplifier then sends the enhanced signal to the next set of fixtures, expanding the range of the DMX lighting control.

    Typically, DMX signals can be transmitted over a distance of 300-500 feet (100-150 meters) without excessive loss of signal strength.

  • WIFI-RDM ProgrammerWIFI-RDM Programmer

    Ltech WIFI-RDM Programmer is a device that allows users to remotely configure and control DMX512 compatible fixtures via WiFi and RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol. The device is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers. 

    With DMX addressing, fixture setup, scene programming, RDM discovery and management, WiFi connectivity functions, the Ltech WIFI-RDM Programmer is an essential device for lighting professionals who want to streamline their workflow and achieve creative lighting effects.

    Compatible with RDM products on the market.

  • ArtNet-DMX Lighting SystemArtNet-DMX Lighting System

    ArtNet DMX controller or ArtNet SPI controller uses the ArtNet protocol (an Ethernet-based communication protocol that allows communication over a local area network or the Internet) to convert network data into DMX signals or SPI/TTL signals to control various DMX or SPI lighting devices.

    It uses special control software to program on the computer side to generate custom lighting effects. It is mainly used in stage lighting, entertainment venues, conference rooms, exhibition halls, theme parks, and other places that require high-quality, diverse, and intelligent lighting control.

    Through the use of Ltech ArtNet-DMX/SPI Lighting System products, users can easily achieve multiple lighting combinations, multiple lighting scenes, remote control, linkage control, etc., to make the entire lighting system more efficient and convenient.

Featured Products - DMX512/RDM Series

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