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RF And Tuya Wi-Fi/Zigbee/Bluetooth Series

Skydance RF And Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ Zigbee wireless LED controllers match with RF 2.4G remotes for 0-100% depth dimming and color-changing of LED lights. They can be long-range remote controlled with the Tuya SmartLife APP through the IOT cloud. 

Support group independent or synchronous control, intelligent timing, scene recording, dynamic mode, soft start and stop, music play mode, etc. Compatible with mainstream smart speakers such as Amazon, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, Xiaomi, and others to achieve voice control.


Shop By RF&Tuya WiFi/Zigbee/Bluetooth LED Controllers Type

  • RF & Tuya WiFi LED ControllersRF & Tuya WiFi LED Controllers

    RF & Tuya Wi-Fi Series LED Controller and Dimmer Products. Match with RF 2.4G remotes for dimming or color changing. Controlled with Tuya SmartLife APP. Compatible with Amazon and Google Assistant voice control. 

  • RF & Tuya Zigbee LED Dimmers And ControllersRF & Tuya Zigbee LED Dimmers And Controllers

    LED light controllers compatible with Zigbee, RF, WiFi protocols provide better interoperability, wireless communication, and flexibility in smart home systems, enabling users to control and manage their lighting devices more easily and intelligently. It can be seamlessly integrated with other Zigbee-compatible devices for wider device compatibility.

  • RF & Tuya Bluetooth LED ControllersRF & Tuya Bluetooth LED Controllers

    Bluetooth, WiFi, and RF are currently the most common and widely used wireless communication technologies. By supporting all three protocols at the same time, LED controllers can meet a wider range of user needs, allowing users to control LED lighting systems with the devices and networks they are used to, providing a more convenient and easy-to-use user experience.

  • Wireless Smart LEDWireless Smart LED

    Smart Color Changing LED Bulbs and Dimmable LED Bulbs. 

    Compatible with Skydance’s 2.4G RF handheld/panel remote control.

    Match with WiFi-relay device for smartphone control.

    16 million colors and 10 modes, adjustable color temperature, and saturation. 0-100% Brightness.

    Auto-transmitting, and auto-synchronization functions. 

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