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RF Remote Control

Miboxer Product Catalogue

Smart Panel Remote Controller is a newly developed remote controller. This Panel remote controller is designed by a delicate and fashionable tempered glass panel; And we adopt a high precision Capacitive touch screen IC. Touch Screen is very stable; 2.4GHz high RF wireless control with long distance controlling, low power consumption and high speed transmitting rate.

This product has T series and B series, and the difference is the method of power supplying. Both series have 4 kinds: T1/B1 4-zone dimmable panel remote controller; T2/B2 CCT 4-zone panel remote controller; T3/B3 4-zone RGB/RGBW panel remote controller; T4/B4 4-zone RGB+CCT panel remote controller. This product widely work on our smart LED Lighting, LED Controller and Smart panel controller, etc.


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  • Handheld RF Remote ControlHandheld RF Remote Control

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Use these Mi light Remotes to wirelessly control your Single Color/CCT/RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT LED lights. 2.4G RF wireless transmission, they can control MiBoxer 2.4G series products. 30m control distance. 

  • Wall Panel RF Remote ControlWall Panel RF Remote Control

    These Wall-Mounted LED Remotes are suitable for people who like traditional wall switches, but unlike them, these Mi-Light Panel Remotes use RF 2.4G wireless transmission technology, with no wire connection between the controller or light and the remote, which is very convenient for DIY users.

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

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