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DC24V MW UL-Listed Power Supply

Meanwell 24V 36V 48V LED Driver Power Supply System is a high-performance power supply solution designed to provide reliable and stable power support for a wide range of DC low voltage LED lights and LED strips. 

The Meanwell system includes three different types of 24V 36V 48V power supply, namely MeanWell UL Indoor Power Supply, MeanWell UL Outdoor Power Supply, and Meanwell 24V Industrial Green Class I & Class II Power Adapters, to meet different scenarios and power requirements. 

For high-power LED lighting projects, the Meanwell AC to DC 24V 36V 48V switching power supply is the ideal choice. It is capable of carrying up to 2500 watts of power output. 

For outdoor LED light projects, Meanwell 24V outdoor IP67 waterproof power supply is the best choice. It can maintain stable operation under outdoor weather conditions. 

For household low-power LED lights projects, the compact, easy-to-install Meanwell 24V Industrial Green Class I & Class II power adapter is the most suitable choice. Not only does it excel in performance, but it also has green features that meet industrial-grade standards, while also meeting the safety requirements for home use.

How to calculate power for led strip lights?

How to connect led light strips to power supply?

  • MeanWell UL Indoor Power SuppliesMeanWell UL Indoor Power Supplies

    MeanWell Power Supply is a high quality DC power supply equipment for LED lighting products. With high performance, reliability and multiple safety features, they are ideal for your 24V, 36V, and 48V LED lighting system.

    These MeanWell 24 volt, 36 volt, 48 volt LED power supplies are only for indoor use. Choose a suitable wattage according to your led strip running length. Leave at least 20% of the led strip power supply free.

    A suitable power wattage=strip light length (unit: m)*strip light power (W/m)*1.2

    A suitable power wattage=strip light length (unit: foot)*strip light power (W/ft)*1.2

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

  • MeanWell UL Outdoor Power SuppliesMeanWell UL Outdoor Power Supplies

    Meanwell 24V outdoor power supplies for waterproof low voltage DC24V LED lighting projects. Available in Mean Well LPH 18W series, LPV 20W-150W series, XLG 50W-200W series, and HLG 480W-600W series. Please choose the right power for stable operation.

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

  • DC24V MW Class II Power AdapterDC24V MW Class II Power Adapter

    Meanwell green industrial 24V LED light power adapters, GS06E/GS06U, GS15E/GS15U, GST25E/GST25U, GST36E/GST36U (Class II power supply units) type and GST18A, GST25A, GST40A, GST60A, GST90A, GST120A, GST160A, GST220A, GST280A (Class I power supply units) type. 

    These Mean Well 24V power adapters meet international energy-saving standards and certifications to ensure that the product utilizes energy efficiently during use.

    • Conforms to the concept of green environmental protection and high energy efficiency.

    • Energy saving in either working mode or standby mode reduces unnecessary energy waste.

    Note: Class I power supplies are single-insulated and require a grounding wire to avoid the risk of electric shock; Class II power supplies are double-insulated and do not require a grounding wire.

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

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