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Discount Coupon

Why Discount Coupons? 

Consumers enjoy discount coupons to save on the products and services that they already use and to try new products and services at a discounted rate. Discount coupons save consumers money. For manufacturers and retailers, it's a great way to attract new customers and to engage previous customers' loyalty. Discount coupons are a mutually beneficial means that serve both companies and consumers.

Using discount coupons, no matter what type, is a great way for consumers to save money on products and services that they already use, and to try new products and services at a discount. Like superlightingled.com, aggregate the different discount coupons available on the internet; such as online coupons and coupon codes, percentage discounts, bulk discounts, coupons for free products and services, make it easy for consumers to do couponing online.

We are getting special offers on our site. You can contact us if you want to get a certain sample for free. This offer is for US customers only. And there is only one chance for one person.


We still provide 1-to-1 wholesale quotations for large-amount commercial purchases;

The following discounts are all available

COUPON$3    on orders over $59

COUPON$5    on orders over $99

COUPON$10    on orders over $199

COUPON$15    on orders over $299

COUPON$20    on orders over $399

COUPON$25    on orders over $499

COUPON$30    on orders over $599

COUPON$35    on orders over $699

COUPON$40   on orders over $799

COUPON$45   on orders over $899

COUPON$50    on orders over $999

COUPON$60    on orders over $1200

COUPON$75    on orders over $1500

COUPON$100    on orders over $2000

COUPON$150   on orders over $3000

COUPON$250   on orders over $5000

COUPON$300   on orders over $6000

COUPON$350   on orders over $7000


How to use Discount Coupon

At Step 2 of 3 - Checkout payment Information page

Please type your coupon code into the box next to Redemption Code. Your coupon will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart after you click continue.

Please note: you may only use one coupon per order. But each code can use multiple orders

Redemption Code COUPON$60

For example, if the order is $1,000, you only need to pay $940.

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