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RF LED Controller

Mi light RF LED light controller series. The controllers use 2.4GHz RF technology to communicate with the LED lighting system. Compared to traditional infrared led controllers, the 2.4GHz RF technology has a more stable signal transmission and can control LED lights over a wider range.

LED Controller Kits provide a complete LED lighting control solution. No need to struggle to find compatible remotes, and avoid problems caused by incompatibility of different brands or models.

Signal amplifiers are a necessity for large LED lighting projects. Typically low voltage LED strips run over limited distances. To achieve ultra-long runs, we need to amplify the weakened control signals in the middle of the run.

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Shop By Mi Light RF LED Controller Series Type

  • Wireless LED ControllerWireless LED Controller

    These Mi-Light RF Series Controllers cover a wide range of color options for low-voltage LED strips, from single color to adjustable white to RGB to RGBW to RGBCCT. Choose the corresponding controller type based on the color of your light strip.

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

  • LED Controller SetLED Controller Set

    Smart (set) LED strip control system is our Mi-light developed high-end LED controller controlled by wireless remote controller, also with smart phone control and 4G long distance control(2.4GHz gateway is needed). The controller has auto-transmitting and auto-synchronizing function and with RGB,RGBW and RGB+CCT output mode.

    This controller adopt the widely used 2.4GHz wireless technology with the features of low power consumption, long signal transmitting and strong anti-interference, etc. One compatible remote control many controllers at the same time. Widely used on the controlling of hotel lighting and home lighting.

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

  • LED Strip AmplifierLED Strip Amplifier

    Low voltage LED strip lights are often affected by voltage drop and signal attenuation, especially when the LED strip length is long. This normally leads to signal weakening, making the LED lighting effect uneven or out of control. In this case, we need to use LED strip light amplifiers.

    MiBoxer Mi-Light led light strip amplifier adopts a high-speed optical coupler with a 10Mbps output rate; it can output the signal of the main controller completely and synchronously. These high-performance led strip amplifiers work on all PWM series LED controllers in the market.

    Made from the big current MOSFET to assure the high rate output. Every time you add one more led strip amplifier, you can connect twice as many as LEDs. Theoretically, it can connect countless amplifiers, input and output are with optoelectronic isolation. Working with the main controller can satisfy the application requiring large power, wide range, and synchronization area.

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