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IoT Intelligent Driver

Ltech IoT Intelligent LED Light Driver Series builds an ecological structure with integrated operation and scene-oriented interaction, including Wi-Fi, RF 2.4G, Bluetooth, and Zigbee wireless protocols. Adopts T-PWM non-strobe dimming technology, with no jitter and no step sensation in the dimming process, and high-frequency exemption level to take care of the user's healthy light (0~100% dimming range, LED start at 0.01% possible). Constant voltage (12V/24V/High voltage) and constant current output to meet a variety of home lighting needs. 

Bluetooth 5.0 Smart LED Lighting Driver improves on four aspects: fast transmission rate, large data transfer capacity; effective working distance of 300 meters (984 feet); lower power consumption; compatible with other devices.


Shop By Ltech IoT Intelligent LED Driver Type

  • Long-range WiFi DriverLong-range WiFi Driver

    These Smart LED Strip Drivers are compatible with LTECH WiFi and RF communication systems, easily adjusting the color and brightness, etc. of the LED lights via mobile/pad APP L-Home and RF remotes.

    Smart LED light driver is a combination of LED controller and high voltage to low voltage transformer. Plugs directly into the socket and connects directly to the LED strip. A savings option for small area lighting.

    Controls both high voltage RGB strips (up to 400W/800W) and low voltage DC12V/24V single color/CCT/RGB LED strips (up to 75W).

  • RF 2.4G Tunable White DriverRF 2.4G Tunable White Driver

    Xiaolei intelligent LED driver is one of the products in Xiaolei Intelligent Lighting System. It is suitable for home lighting, enables to adjust the color of light, and stepless dimming without flicker. It also supports a variety of control modes: when equipped with a gateway, APP control, intelligent audio voice control, scene control, timing control can be realized. Also can be controlled by a remote and wireless dimmer panel, which meets the application of different scenes to make life more intelligent.

    Wireless signal: RF 2.4GHz.
    Controlled by wireless panel, remote and intelligent gateway via RF signal. Controlled by mobile phone.
    Multiple driver’s effect synchronization can be achieved.
    Dimming range from 0-100%, LED start at 0.1% possible.
    0~100% flicker-free, achieve the level of exemption assessment.
    Active PFC function.
    100~240Vac wide voltage input.
    Over-heat / Over voltage / Over load / Short circuit  protection, recover automatically. Class 2 power supply. Full protective plastic housing.
    Compliant with Safety Extra Low Voltage standard.
    Suitable for indoor application forⅠ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ .
    2 years warranty.
  • Tuya bluetooth DriverTuya bluetooth Driver

    LTECH & Tuya work collectively together to develop "Tuya Bluetooth Driver" for intelligent IoT commercial lighting market. It adopts Bluetooth Mesh Ad-hoc Network and Tuya application protocol with high networking capability which are reliable and stable. Meanwhile, it applies LTECH original super depth digital dimming technology T-PWM that allows continuous and flicker-free images with high-speed shooting. Its soft-on and fade-in function aligns with Human-centric Lighting requirements which greatly enhances visual comfort. Multiple CV&CC drivers are available and meet various applications for different light fixtures.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 DriverBluetooth 5.0 Driver

    BLE Mesh ad-hoc network, compared with Bluetooth 4.2 , it provides 2 times of transmission speed, more than 4 times of communication distance and 8 times of data volume to build a more stable intelligent home control system. It supports official SIG Mesh and each node possesses signal relay function that makes long-distance transmission more sensitive with lower power consumption.

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