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RGB/RGBW Controller

Controllers specially designed for color-changing RGB and RGBW LED lights, including RF remote wireless control and manual control. Constant voltage (CV) controller is used for DC5-36V RGB and RGBW LED strips; Constant current (CC) controller is used for 350mA or 700mA RGB LED lights. 

Remote control of BinColor color-changing RGB and RGBW controller allows users to adjust the LED lighting anytime and anywhere; Manually setting the lighting adjustment directly on the controller is more precise and provides more comprehensive adjustment options than the remote control. Some BinColor controllers integrate both functions to provide more convenient LED lighitng control.


Shop By RGB RGBW LED Control Type

  • CV ControllerCV Controller

    RGB led strip controls and RGBW led strip controls for color changing lighting adopt PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) dimming technology, these BinColor CV controllers can control all common anode constant voltage RGB and RGBW LED lights. RF remote control RGB RGBW LEDs within the effective area no matter the direction and obstacles, and manual control the color changing LEDs through buttons, knob, etc. 

  • CC ControllerCC Controller

    RF remote control or manual control constant current RGB LED lights through these BinColor CC RGB Controllers. They provide a constant current of 350mA or 700mA to ensure CC RGB LEDs maintain consistent brightness levels in different colors and brightness. 

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