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Touch Panel Controller

These BinColor Touch Control LED Lights Wall Panels are consists of single zone series and multi-zone (4-zone) series, wildly used for commercial, office, and household lighting, workable for dimming, color temperature, RGB, and RGBW led lights. 

1) Single Zone Series Wall Panel Controls is to control low voltage white, tunable white, RGB, and RGBW led strip lights;

2) Multi Zone Series Wall Panel Controls bring DMX control to your tape lights, connect to DMX PWM decorders;

3) Wireless Single Zone Series Wall Panel Controls include a RF DMX wall panel and a RF CC/CV controller, so you can control your DMX decoder light strips connected to the panel and other constant voltage or constant current led lights connected to the controller via one touch wall panel;

4) Wireless Multi Zone Series Wall Panel Controls are the four zones control version of the Wireless Single Zone Series. 


Shop By Touch Control LED Light Type

  • Single Zone SeriesSingle Zone Series

    Welcome to use this BinColor P Series LED Strip Light Touch Control Panels, workable for dimming, CCT tunable white, RGB and RGBW led strip lights. Directly wired to led strip light, some touch wall led control panels with remote control for convenient use. 

  • Multi Zone SeriesMulti Zone Series

    These BinColor 4 Zone LED DMX Control Touch Wall Panels output DMX512 signal to control DMX lighting equipment, AC85V-265V line voltage input, directly connect to DMX lights, or connect to DMX decoders to control led strips. Support 4 zones lighting control, meet the requirements for a different zone with different control.

  • Wireless Single Zone SeriesWireless Single Zone Series

    These BinColor led lighting control products include an RF DMX touch wall panel controller and an RF controller, the led touch wall panel is both a DMX controller and an RF remote, so you can use the touch panel to directly control DMX lights and wireless remote control the RF led controller. Thus you can place a complex LED lighting system under the same control means for synchronized control.

  • Wireless Multi Zone SeriesWireless Multi Zone Series

    These BinColor led light control products include a 4 zone DMX touch control panel and an RF controller. The touch wall panel act as both a DMX controller and an RF remote, so you can use it to directly control the DMX lights and wirelessly control the constant voltage or constant current RF led controller. This allows you to synchronize a complex lighting system with many led fixtures under one control.

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