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L-HOME Smart Home

Thehumanbodysensoradoptsthermo-electricinfraredsensortodetectsomeone’spassing via sensing heat. Detecting lights onduring someone comingand lights off as someone left through linkage of gateway with intelligent device and lamps,youcan set trigger conditions, trigger period and shutdown delayviatheAPP,itmakes life smart.

Shop By L-HOME Smart Home Type

  • Intelligent GatawayIntelligent Gataway

    These wireless modules are dedicated to creating a smart home lighting system, linking home lights and appliances through wireless control and giving them humanized adjustments, well compatible with new and old home lighting systems.

  • Human SensorHuman Sensor

    These smart human presence sensors use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh technology to link human movement with the turning on and off of home lights and appliances. Achieve the purpose that when people come home, the lights will be turned on automatically, and the air conditioner and other home appliances will be turned on automatically.

    Meanwhile, when people go out, home lights and appliances will automatically turn off, no longer need to worry about the problem of forgetting to turn off the lights. And you can control them remotely on your cell phone.

    Note: You need to realize the linkage of home led lights and home appliances through the Bluetooth home appliance module.

  • Intelligent Control PanelIntelligent Control Panel

    Adopts wireless communication protocol and L/N power supply.

    Achieving distance control, lighting timing, multi equipments ganged control etc.

  • Smart Wireless PanelSmart Wireless Panel

    Adopting RF wireless protocol and with built-in battery.

    Matching with smart gateway, it enables control lamp switching, brightness adjustment.

  • Wireless RemoteWireless Remote

    This remote can work with Xiaolei driver and lamps, which can multi-zone control and different types of lamps or driver mix control. One remote to different types of lamps for dimming, changing the color temperature and RGB. 

  • Intelligent Dimming DriverIntelligent Dimming Driver

    Stepless dimming, flicker free and achieve high frequency exemption assessment level.

    Supporting multi control methods to different application.

  • Smart Home -Bluetooth 5.0 MeshSmart Home -Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh

    Adopt SAMSUNG/COVESTRO V0 flame resistant polycarbonate protective housings with small size and light weight.

    Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh with high networking capability are reliable and stable. Support iOS or Android devices to control through Bluetooth connection

    Adding a super tool allows you to set up soft start gradient time, lighting status after being power-on, and dimming curves.

    T-PWM  dimming technology allows continuous and flicker-free images 


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