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Wireless Remote Controller

Welcome to use these series of BinColor LED controllers and remotes. These are the universal controllers for entire single color and color changing LEDs, which adopted high-performance microchip and the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) dimming technology. 

With 433.92M frequency RF remote control, these controllers can accept the control of multiple remote controls, no limit to direction or obstacles within the valid range. One remote control can control 4 zone’s controllers and lights without interfering each other.


Shop By RF Remote LED Controller Set Type

  • Single Zone Control SeriesSingle Zone Control Series

    Welcome to use this BinColor Single Zone LED Remote Control series. The T Series wireless RF remote is dedicated to controlling led lighting by RF radio frequency; there are several functions on the remote, such as on-off, pause, modes changing, brightness and speed adjustment, etc; the wireless signal is with strong penetrating power, no limit to direction or obstacles. With our R Series receiver, it is easy to change constant voltage led tape lights and constant current led lights such as dimming, color temperature, RGB/RGBW, etc; thus can satisfy the different demands of clients. T series remoes have a simple fashion design, comfortable hand feeling, and user friendly.

  • Multi Zone Control SeriesMulti Zone Control Series

    These BinColor 4 Zone LED Tape Remote Control Sets allow you to control 4 zones of light from a single 4 zone remote control, and these four zones of tape light can be changed independently.

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