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LED Module String Lights

What is an LED module light string?

The LED module light string is more flexible than the LED strip lights. It is composed of multiple independent light sources connected in series through the power cord, so it can be combined into any shape. Each light source is patched on an aluminum plate, and then they are integrally formed by ultrasonic or injection molding. This production process makes the module waterproof performance better and protects the PCB and LED. Since they have enough space to install higher-efficiency LEDs, usually, these modules are more suitable for accent lightings, such as shopping mall sign lighting, LOGO backlight, lightboxes, billboards, and another key lighting;There is 3M adhesive on the back of the module, and screw holes for fixing are also reserved. Simple installation, safe use, energy saving and environmental protection.

The Best LED Module String Lights

We provide 5 types of LED module string lights, they are single color, RGB color change, RGBW or RGBWW, addressable RGB, and holiday string lights, a total of 150 models optional, they are made of CREE chips and ABS materials, with a warranty of 3 years and a life span of more than 5-10 years. Each model has different shapes, but they are all driven by DC12V. You can find the right size for your ultra-high brightness LED project through the following classification;

Shop by LED Module String Lights Type

  • Single Color Module String LightsSingle Color Module String Lights

    Our brightest LED components embrace a super bright 2835 SMD LED light, reduced voltage power supply, security, and also security. The low-profile PVC module is injection molded with a 1/8" screw opening for placing in severe cool or warm. Geared up with a placing hole as well as Double-sided 3M glue foam tape, can be stuck almost anywhere, with a simple setup. Parts are not breakable, easy to carry and use. Lengthy service life, greater than 50000 hours. Low power usage, energy-saving province electrical energy. 120 Degree Beam Of Light Pattern. Each component can be cut into one system, so you could cut a different length for your job and also request. Offered in natural white, warm white, blue, green, yellow, as well as red colors.


  • Color Changing RGB Module String LightsColor Changing RGB Module String Lights

    These Color-Changing RGB LED Module String Lights give regular lighting for network letters, sign lighting, under-cabinet lights, shop home window illumination, display case lights, as well as extra! Components are 20 COMPUTERS together upon purchase. Strands are wired along with 10cm, complete length 2M/6.56 ft. The weatherproof module has a 12V DC procedure and also is developed to last 30,000 hrs. RGB LED methods red, blue, and also environment-friendly LEDs. RGB LED items integrate these 3 shades to produce over 16 million colors of lights, you can change trendy white light as well as cozy white light by utilizing a controller. RGB LED components can produce different shades of light. They are manufactured by-product packaging three LEDs of red, green, and blue into a clear or translucent plastic covering and also have four pins.

  • RGBW/RGBCCT Module String LightsRGBW/RGBCCT Module String Lights

    RGBW module has low power consumption, a high lumen value of 10-24lm/LED, and has the advantage of long maintenance-free. The protection level is IP66/waterproof. DC12V low voltage input, safe and reliable.

    RGBW module is a constant voltage circuit, and the standard is 20 pieces in a series. If 40 pieces are used in a series, they must be connected to the DC12V power supply separately. Each module can be cut and used separately.

  • Addressable LED Pixel Module LightsAddressable LED Pixel Module Lights

    Our LED modules take on TOP SMD5050 LED light source, these pixels use a WS2811 chip for complete 24-bit color, constant-current driven light spot, low light reduction, and good uniformity. 160-degree large viewing separable adaptable strip to be bent into any shape. Slim shot molded PVC design has 2 4mm/0.15" mounting openings and with double-sided glue foam tape for quick installation. 20pcs per string, a single component can be reduced, so you might reduce various sizes for your job and demand. 20AWG 3pin cable, Red cable to link 12v Favorable/ +, Environment-friendly cable to connect Information Signal, Yellow cable television to connect Clk Signal, Blue wire to attach 12v Adverse/-, over-current ability, lower depletion. The covering is made from the shot molding process, visual look, unique and superb, aluminum PCB, excellent warmth dissipation, warm dissipation. The LED strips Appropriate for industrial lighting as well as lights experts, Water-proof IP65, Ideal for both indoor & outside attractive application. 12VDC reduced voltage input operation, Reduced power consumption, high illumination, lengthy life span, maintenance-free, secure, and also trustworthy. Quantity bought will be wired together on a string with 20 modules maximum per strand.

  • Holiday LED String LightsHoliday LED String Lights

    String lights are a great idea for holiday decor. Add atmosphere to your Christmas or Halloween. 

    Hang these color changing or white LED string lights on your patio, backyard, garden, deck, wedding, party, background, bedroom, living room, etc. Or wrap them around trees for a landscape. 

Pixel LED Module String Lights to Make Outdoor Landscape Lighting: 

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