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Superlightingled.com is an excellent online retailer specializing in LED lighting products. At superlightingled.com, we offer smarter LED Lighting for Everything. 

Founded in 2010, SUPERLIGHTINGLED has been dedicated to helping customers get the best LED lighting for their needs for years, and provides quality customization services to customers.

SUPERLIGHTINGLED offers a complete LED lighting system for those who want to add or retrofit LED lighting. Our product line is comprehensive, including various LED light fixtures (LED strip lights, LED neon lights, LED module string lights, LED stair lights, LED wall washer lights, LED diffusers, LED channels, LED fiber optic lights, LED linear bar lights...), LED light control systems ( Miboxer, Skydance, Ltech, Bincolor ), LED power supply systems ( power adapter, switching power supply, lithium battery, waterproof / rainproof led power supply, CCTV power supply box ), and LED light accessories.


● Quality Assurance. We test our products before we send them out to ensure that the items you receive are ready for use.

● Many years of experience in the LED lights industry, experienced.

● Product competitiveness + price competitiveness. Deep cooperation with many factories, constantly optimize our products and prices.

● Pre-sales and after-sales service. Provide professional lighting solution services to help customers make informed decisions about LED lighting.

● Product Certificate. All LED products are RoHS compliant - environmental friendly.

● Information Security. Login to the website, all your information is private and secure.

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Founded in 2010, superlighting.com began as a small online retailer with the goal of providing quality LED technology, great customer service and superior technical support to our customers.

Today, superlightingled has grown to be one of the leading online retailers of LED lights and accessories by:

Assembling the best team—from our customer service professionals and test lab technicians to our web development and shipping departments.

Developing new products and adding to our existing product lines to better serve our customers' needs.

Testing all products extensively for quality and dependability.

Working with our suppliers to keep prices affordable and competitive.

Expanding our online resources to help customers make informed decisions about LED lighting.

Offering a Business Solutions service for OEM, reseller and commercial customers.

Have questions about LEDs? We are here to help whether you are changing one bulb or updating all of your lighting. After all, at superlightingled.com, we offer smarter LED Lighting for Everything.


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