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AC120V RGB LED Tape Light Amplifier

Enhance and amplify the strength and stability of RGB LED signals. Being used in high voltage AC100-240V RGB LED systems, such as outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, large building lighting, etc.

These high voltage amplifiers are typically used when transmitting over long distances or connecting a large number of LED devices to ensure stable transmission of RGB color signals, as well as to maintain consistency and accuracy of lighting effects.

AC110/220V Power Amplifier For High Voltage RGB LED Strip Lights
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AC110/220V Power Amplifier For High Voltage RGB LED Strip Lights

  • Operating Voltage(v): 110/220
  • Power: 1500watt
  • Applied to: High-voltage
  • Output current: 2.5A
  • Control distance(M): 130Ft
  • Shell: Aluminum
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  AC110/220V, 1500Watt RGB High Voltage LED Power Singal Repeater Amplifier For AC120V High-voltage RGB LED Strip Lights , Amplify the red, green, blue three group signal of 3 channel controller, improve the system with load capacity, and has minimal delay, but can keep synchronism in cascade.   It can run 5050 60leds/m 100meter and 3528 60leds/m strip 300meter .   The outlet...
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