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TM1814 IC Programmable LED Strips

What is TM1814 addressable LED strip light?

TM1814 LED is a 4-channel constant-current adjustable driver IC, integrates a single-wire digital interface, data latch, LED constant current drive and other circuits;which can be input by MCU (SPI controller) with a set of constant current setting and PWM (digital-to-analog conversion, 256-level brightness adjustment) setting data to TM1814 LED chip to achieve a variety of dynamic color chasing effects. The VDD pin integrates a 5V voltage regulator tube with stable performance.

The LED light strip adopts return-to-one code (digital signal adopts baseband transmission) communication mode, single-wire serial cascade interface, built-in RC oscillation and clock synchronization according to the data line signal, after receiving the 32bit data of this unit, it can automatically follow up and the data is regenerated and sent to the next stage through the data output terminal; the signal does not appear to be distorted or attenuated as the cascade becomes farther. 

It has four PWM output ports OUTR/OUTG/OUTB/OUTW to stably output signals with different duty cycles, it can display RGBW full-color lighting effects, support DC12/24V low voltage input, and can be used with Raspberrypi/Arduino UNO development board to achieve precise color control to meet the needs of short-distance lighting.

TM1814 4IN1 5050 RGBW LED Strip Lights Multi Color Chasing, 60LEDs/m
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TM1814 4IN1 5050 RGBW LED Strip Lights Multi Color Chasing, 60LEDs/m

  • IC Type: TM1814
  • Power: 72W//Roll
  • Voltage: DC12/24V
  • LED Quantity: 60LEDs/m
  • FPCB Width: 10mm
  • FPCB Color:White
  • Waterproof rating: Optional
  • IC Quantity: 20/10LEDs/m
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1. T he TM1814 LED strip is addressable light, and can be programmed and controlled by the help of controller. 2.  There is a strong 3M tape backing on the strips, which can be ripped off  and stuck to most surfaces. 3.  Each lamp bead forms a ring, which can be arbitrarily cut according to the length of the ring without damaging other convenient fixed and stall parts. The...
TM1814 24V Addressable RGBW LED Strip 12mm 84 LEDs/m 14 ICs/m
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TM1814 24V Addressable RGBW LED Strip 12mm 84 LEDs/m 14 ICs/m

  • IC Type: TM1814
  • Voltage: 24V
  • IC Quantity: 14ICs/m
  • LED Density: 84LEDs/m
  • PCB Width: 12mm
  • Color: RGBW Dream Color
  • Working Power: 72W/16.4ft
  • Water Proof: IP20/65/67/68
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This is a RGBW led strip lighitng controlled by the TM1812 smart IC. It allows each RGBW LED area to be an individual color and brightness. Thus to produce multiple colors on a single RGBW strip. The RGBW led strip lights have 7 static color modes (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, ice blue and white), and multiple dynamic effects. Since it uses a separate white chip channel, its white color is...
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