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DC12V MW UL-Listed Power Supply

Find a suitable AC to DC 12V Meanwell power supply or power adapter here. Indoor and outdoor waterproof levels are available. Great quality and UL listed. 

Meanwell IP20 Switching Power Supply with power capacity of 35W to 3000W; Meanwell IP67 Outdoor Power Supply of 18W to 600W; Meanwell Power Apdater of 6W to 252W. Meet the needs of different sizes of LED lighting projects.

Choosing the right power supply and adapter is very important in DC12V LED lighting projects because they directly affect the performance and life of the LED lights. So when choosing a 12 volt LED lighting power supply, select the right power and specifications to ensure the stable and reliable operation of your LED lighting system.

How to calculate power for led strip lights?


Shop By DC12V MeanWell Power Supply Type

  • MW UL-Listed IP20 Power SupplyMW UL-Listed IP20 Power Supply

    Meanwell switching 12v power supply series converts AC power to DC power, making it suitable for most electronic equipment and LED lighting system requirements. 

    A wide range of power options are offered, ranging from 35 watts to 3000 watts. This versatility makes them suitable for a variety of LED applications with different power requirements.

    It is important to note that these Meanwell 12V switching power supplies are not waterproof. Choose a power supply with the right amount of power for your LED lighting project needs.

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

  • MW UL-Listed IP67 Power SupplyMW UL-Listed IP67 Power Supply

    Meanwell 12V waterproof power supplies are designed for outdoor lighting and indoor wet lighting projects. These IP67 12V led power supplies feature a ruggedized enclosure and waterproof design to protect the internal circuitry from water and moisture.

    When choosing a Meanwell outdoor 12V DC power supply (available in 18W to 600W), make sure you understand the power requirements needed for your 12V LED lights and other special requirements to ensure safe, stable operation of your project.

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

  • DC12V MW Class II Power AdapterDC12V MW Class II Power Adapter

    Meanwell green industrial GS06E/GS06U, GS15E/GS15U, GST25E/GST25U, GST36E/GST36U (Class II power supply units), and GST18A, GST25A, GST40A, GST60A, GST90A, GST120A, GST160A, GST220A, GST280A (Class I power supply units) AC to DC 12V power adapters. 

    • Complies with the concept of green environmental protection. 

    • Energy saving in working mode or standby mode, reduce unnecessary energy waste.

    • Complies with various international energy saving standards and certifications to ensure that the product provides efficient energy utilization during use.

    • Highly energy efficient, able to maintain a high percentage of input power to output power.

    Warm Tips: Class I power supply is single insulated and requires a grounding wire to avoid the risk of electric shock; Class II power supply is double insulated and does not require a grounding wire.

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

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