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More LED Lighting

Decorative Lights for life small creative DIY projects like lighted hats, lighted masks, and more. These DIY decorative light projects often use miniature LEDs in combination with batteries or small power supplies to give the items a unique visual effect.

With great DIY flexibility, decorative LED lights can be installed with different items according to personal preferences and creativity, adding personality and uniqueness to people's wearable items.

In addition to decorative lighting, utility or functional lighting is also important in people's lives. Flashlights are useful in any situation where extra light is needed such as outdoor night activities, power outages, or other emergencies. These LED flashlights have a very long reach, providing high brightness light over hundreds of meters and more.


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  • LED Flashlights & Flashlight BulbsLED Flashlights & Flashlight Bulbs

    Flashlights are a common utility lighting tool, which is a handheld lighting device that uses LEDs as a light source. These LED flashlights have a very long shooting distance, providing high brightness light over hundreds of meters or more.

  • LED Clothing DecorationLED Clothing Decoration

    There are various LED lights for clothing products. Use them to make your clothes, shoes, hats, masks, glasses, t-shirts, bags, etc. fun. 

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