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LED Power Signal Amplifier

Here we offer LED power amplifiers and LED signal amplifiers for different light strips. The main purpose of these amplifiers is to increase the number of LEDs under the same control system and extend the running distance of the LED tape. Depending on the type of your led strip light choose the corresponding category and product.

The working principle of LED power amplifier and LED signal amplifier: amplify the signal from the controller so that multiple LEDs can work under this control signal.


Shop by LED Strip Amplifiers Type

  • Single Color LED Strip Power AmplifierSingle Color LED Strip Power Amplifier

    When the length of the LED strip is long or when the signal is attenuated due to factors such as line impedance, the LED brightness may be uneven or weaker. To solve this problem, an LED power amplifier can be used.

    LED power amplifiers are usually installed in LED strip light systems, which can increase the current and voltage to ensure that the LED strips receive enough power to maintain an even brightness. This is important for installing LED strip lights over long distances or in applications where consistent brightness is required.

    1CH single color LED strip power amplifier for 2-wire V+ V- single color LED strip.

  • RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT LED Strip AmplifierRGB/RGBW/RGBCCT LED Strip Amplifier

    3CH 4CH 5CH LED power amplifiers for color changing RGB RGBW RGBCCT led strip lights. These power amplifiers are used in multi-channel LED strip lighting systems such as RGB (red, green, blue), RGBW (red, green, blue, white), or RGBCCT (red, green, blue, warm white, cool white). They are designed to enhance the LED control signals and to ensure a stable and even variation of LED lighting.

    When the LED control signal is transmitted over a long distance, it may cause uneven or distorted LED lighting effects due to signal attenuation. The power amplifier ensures stable signal transmission to the LED strip lights by amplifying the signal.

    For multiple LED strips installed in series, the power amplifier can provide enough current and voltage to maintain the brightness and color saturation of the LED lights.

  • Addressable SPI LED Strips AmplifierAddressable SPI LED Strips Amplifier

    What is SPI signal amplifier?

    In addressable LED strip lighting applications, the use of SPI TTL amplifiers simplifies complex wiring problems. In order to reduce the pixel LED voltage drop, it is usually necessary to supply power at both ends to ensure the color consistency of the light strip.

    As the digital led strip running distance increases, the SPI digital control signal will be weakened, resulting in a poor light effect at the end. Adding a LED signal amplifier is the best option for large-scale dream color lighting projects, avoid problems such as light flickering, lights being lit with a delay, etc.

  • DMX Signal Distributor AmplifierDMX Signal Distributor Amplifier

    When DMX signals need to be transmitted over long distances or connected to multiple lighting devices, the signals may attenuate, resulting in unstable or inaccurate control. The role of the DMX signal distributor is to enhance the strength of the signal during the transmission, and ensure that the DMX512 signals can be stably delivered to the target devices, maintaining the consistency and accuracy of the lighting effects.

    DMX distributor can increase the voltage and power of the DMX 512 signal, enabling the signal to traverse longer distance cables, as well as connecting more DMX light devices. Used for DMX led strips and lights. 

  • AC120V RGB LED Tape Light AmplifierAC120V RGB LED Tape Light Amplifier

    Enhance and amplify the strength and stability of RGB LED signals. Being used in high voltage AC100-240V RGB LED systems, such as outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, large building lighting, etc.

    These high voltage amplifiers are typically used when transmitting over long distances or connecting a large number of LED devices to ensure stable transmission of RGB color signals, as well as to maintain consistency and accuracy of lighting effects.

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