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SPI LED Controllers

LT-200 controls LED with the following compatible ICs:LPD1101/6803/8803/8806, WS2801/2803/2811/2812,UCS1903/1909/1912/2903/6909/6912, TM1804/1809/1812, TLS3001/3002,  P9813, D705. 

Supporting international standard protocol DMX512/1990 interface, with DMX administration mode to invoke the built-in functions for choosing mode, speed, brightness, types and direction changing by DMX512 console. Furthermore, it has the DMX decoder mode, customers could use DMX512 console to program & control every channel of theLEDswiththecompatibleICslistedabove.(0-100%dimmingrange,program any lighting effect required);


Shop By SPI Controller&Decoder Type

  • SPI Master controllerSPI Master controller

    Compatible with LED luminaries for almost driving ICs.

    16 presetting dynamic scenes with fading, chasing etc.

    Lighting effects adjustable on speed, color and brightness etc.

    Wireless RF remote control.

    Customized lighting effects available.

    Entertainment lighting and festival decoration.

  • LED Control SystemLED Control System

    Out pixel controller almost able to control all IC-driven LED lights. Compact and powerful, various built-in changing effects and customized scene modes can bring you fantastic color!


    By RF remote control, you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, set controlled pixels quantity, adjust the changing speed and brightness, change the lighting moving direction, adjust RGB sequence, select the IC type, store and play customized scene etc.

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