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LED Car Lights

Upgrade your driving experience with cutting-edge LED car lights from Super Lighting LED. Our extensive range of automotive lighting solutions is designed to enhance visibility, safety, and style on the road. Whether you're looking to replace your headlights, taillights, fog lights, or interior lights, we have the perfect LED options to meet your needs.

LED vehicle lights do much more than illuminate the road ahead at night. There are many uses for vehicle lighting. You need to know what car lights to use in different environments. Besides, you can also give your car a unique interior and exterior decorative ambiance with automotive led lights.

Our LED vehicle lights products are suitable for different types of vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.


Shop By LED Vehicle Lights Type

  • LED Car SpotlightLED Car Spotlight

    These car and motorcycle led spotlights are designed to meet the demands of driving at night, off-road, in the field and other complex terrain and adverse weather conditions. The main purpose is to provide more intense, long-distance lighting.

  • LED Daytime Running LightLED Daytime Running Light

    Vehicle LED Daytime Running Lights are lighting fixtures mounted on the front of the vehicle that typically illuminate during daytime driving. These daytime running lights are different from headlights, their main purpose is to increase the visibility of the vehicle during the day and reduce the incidence of daytime traffic accidents.

    DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) that use LEDs as light sources have the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, and long life. They are designed to light up automatically during daytime driving, eliminating the need for drivers to manually turn them on.

    The light intensity of the Daytime Running Light is usually low enough not to interfere with the vision of other drivers, but high enough to make the vehicle easily noticeable to other road users in daytime light conditions.

  • LED Projection Decorative LightLED Projection Decorative Light

    Use gadgets or LED light strips to create a colorful atmosphere inside the car, or project stars on the car headliner roof; use wing lights or LED strip lights on the underside of cars and motorcycles to increase visibility and coolness for nighttime trips; also, car LED strip light can be used as brake lights for distinctiveness.

  • Truck LED TaillightTruck LED Taillight

    The use of brake + turn signal tail lights and side marker lights can dramatically increase the visibility of your truck. These lights can make the truck more visible to other vehicles and reduce the risk of other drivers colliding with the truck. Helps to improve the safety of traffic flow.

    Brake and turn tail lights help other vehicles anticipate the truck's movement, reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents;

    Blind spots often exist on the sides of trucks. The location and arrangement of side marker lights can indicate the length of the truck, helping other drivers to better understand the size of the truck and thus better plan overtaking or lane-changing behavior. 

  • LED Car HeadlightLED Car Headlight

    Our car headlight bulbs use energy-efficient LED light sources to ensure bright enough illumination to improve driving safety at night and in bad weather.

    In order not to affect the driver's field of vision and the safety of night driving, please choose the right LED headlight bulb.

    • High beam is used to provide illumination over longer distances at night with a very strong beam.

    • Low beam is used to provide illumination that is bright enough to ensure visibility of the surrounding area while avoiding blinding the driver of the oncoming vehicle.

    • Some car LED headlights feature a dual-beam design, which integrates both high-beam and low-beam functions in one bulb. This design simplifies the lighting system by reducing the number of bulbs while providing adequate illumination.

  • Automotive Emergency Strobe LightsAutomotive Emergency Strobe Lights

    Vehicle warning lights are used to signal a warning to other drivers in an emergency. In the event of the need for an emergency stop or an accident, they alert other drivers and increase the visibility of the vehicle, thus reducing the risk of a traffic accident.

  • LED Bulbs For CarsLED Bulbs For Cars

    Car light bulbs are an important part of a vehicle's lighting system and are used to provide different types of illumination such as headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, indicator lights, fog lights, and more.

    Choose the right bulb that meets vehicle specifications and regulatory requirements, ensures that the vehicle's lighting system works properly and provides sufficiently bright and safe lighting effects.


LED Car Light Series

1. Headlights: Allow drivers to see the road in the dark and be seen by other drivers. High beam and low beam. Car headlights should be used at night, in the rain or in fog.

2. Fog Lights: Used to provide better forward illumination in foggy or low visibility weather.

3. Daytime Running Lights (DRL): Make the vehicle easier to recognize when driving in the daytime, mounted on the front of the car body. In order to let others know that there is a vehicle approaching, is a kind of signal light.

4. Tail Lights: Help drivers behind you recognize your presence and help them determine how close or far away your vehicle is. Including brake lights and turn signals. Warn vehicles approaching from behind that you are at a standstill or slowing down, and indicate to the vehicle the direction in which you are about to turn.

5. Car Spotlights: Provide long-range and intense illumination for vehicles used for off-road and outdoor purposes.

6. Interior And Exterior Car Ambient Lighting: Create personalized, luxurious, or stylish vehicle lighting.


LED Truck Lights Series

1. Truck Tail Lights: Used to indicate the rear position of the truck, showing brake and turn signals.

2. Side Marker Lights: Mounted on the side of the truck to indicate the length of the vehicle. Ensure that the truck is clearly visible to other road users while traveling and increase road safety. 


Emergency Vehicle Lighting Series

LED emergency vehicle lights play an important role in the safe driving of automobiles, reducing the risk of potential traffic accidents by alerting drivers of surrounding vehicles in an emergency. It usually presents as a yellow or red light and works in a flashing manner.

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