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WiFi/RF Products

Wireless remote control of LED strip lights via WiFi or RF technology is a modern and convenient way. These wireless WiFi and RF LED lighting products from Ltech allow users to remotely control LED strips without the need for direct contact or physical switches. The control of LED strips is much easier and more flexible, with the added benefit of quality assurance.

The use of Synchronized Controller allows multiple LED strips to change in sync, creating a uniform and coordinated lighting effect in large lighting schemes.

The Classic Controller retains the ability to manually set the LED color, allowing users to either have intelligent control via wireless remote control or set it up in the traditional manual way, providing more flexibility.

Check out these high-quality L-tech Wireless Remote Control LED Lights Products now.


Shop By WiFi/RF Wireless Remote Control LED Lights Type

  • WiFi Control SeriesWiFi Control Series

    Controlling LED strip light via smart WiFi brings many convenient and intelligent features. Users can remotely control the LED strip lights from a smartphone, tablet or other device connected to a WiFi network. Tie the control of the LED strip lighting to the software on your smart device through these Ltech WiFi led controllers. 

    Some WiFi led strip light controller systems are compatible with voice assistants (e.g. Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.), which allow you to control the LED strip via voice commands, providing a smarter way to interact.

  • RF Switch PanelRF Switch Panel

    These remotes are for Ltech controllers compatible with RF protocols like T3-CV, T3-CC, T3-5A, T4-CV, T4-CC, F4-3A, F4-5A, F4-CC, F4-DMX-5A, F5-DMX-4A, P5, etc.

  • M Series LED Controller SetM Series LED Controller Set

    Ltech's M Series LED Strip Controller Sets are suitable for a variety of LED strip lighting projects. Includes an LED controller and a matching remote control for controlling single-color or color-changing LED strips from 12V to 24V. The LED strip light controllers have a maximum output current of 5A per channel, so please check to see if they can support the power of your strip.

    Upgraded versions of Mini series, can control more LED strip fixtures. One receiver controller can work with 8 types of remote controls. Dimming, CT, RGB and RGBW compatible. 433MHz signal has strong penetration and is stable. Remote control distance up to 30 meters.

  • Mini SeriesMini Series

    Ltech's Mini Series LED Controller Sets are suitable for small to medium sized strip lighting projects. Includes a mini LED controller and a matching remote control for controlling single-color or color-change LED strips from DC 12V to 24V. The RF mini controller has a maximum output current of 3A per channel, please check if it can support your light strip power.

    The Mini series remote controls are well-formed and elegant. 433MHz signal has strong penetration and stableness. Remote control distance up to 30 meters. One receiver can work with 8 types of remote controls. Dimming, CT, RGB and RGBW compatible.

  • Wireless Sync ControllerWireless Sync Controller

    Synchronize or independently control multiple zones of LED strips via RF (Radio Frequency) wireless remote control through these Ltech wireless led sync controllers. The use of sync controllers allows multiple LED strips to make simultaneous color, brightness, and effect adjustments at the same time, unifying the lighting effect throughout the area. A multi-zone remote control allows you to independently set the lighting in each zone to suit the needs of different events, improving the adaptability of the scenario.

    Support wireless sync control and zone control. Work with dimming, RGB, RGBW LED fixtures. DIY modes. Support customized scenes and programming. Combination of touch control and number keys allows more convenient use. Remote control charging through USB cable. Work with T3-5A, T3-CV, T4-CV, T4-CC, etc. wireless receivers.

  • Classic ControllerClassic Controller

    Classic controllers provide a simple and reliable way to control led strip lighting. With manual settings and possible remote control pairing, users can easily adjust the brightness and color of led strips to meet various usage scenarios.

    There are a series of buttons on the classic controller for different functions, such as on/off, dimming, and color mixing, which allow users to select the desired lighting settings by pressing these buttons. To provide even more convenient control, the classic LED controller can be paired with a remote control. This allows users to realize LED control without having to physically touch the led controller.

    Automatically adapt to LED light which works from DC5V-24V or DC12V-24V.

    4096 levels of grey scale per RGB, even & smooth for color gradual changes, without any flashes.

    16/32 fantastic modes such as color smooth , color skipping, horserace, strobe, etc.

    Can stop at static single color, speed & brightness adjustable at pause status.

    Working with power repeater to expand power output unlimitedly.

  • Wifi Strip SuitWifi Strip Suit

    These Smart LED Strip Light Suits provide smarter, flexible and convenient control by directly powering RGB LED strips through smart WiFi drivers, and also make it easier to integrate LED strip lighting systems into smart home ecosystems.

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