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PWM LED Dimmer

BinColor PWM LED Dimmer Series Products are dedicated to adjusting the brightness of constant voltage or constant current LED lights, which adopted the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital brightness adjusting technology at present. These BinColor PWM dimmers have 4096 levels of scaling for true 0%~100% brightness adjustment. It is especially effective in low brightness environments.

PWM dimming is a dimming technique that controls the brightness of an LED by adjusting the pulse width of the signal. PWM dimmers use a combination of short and long pulses. By varying the width of each pulse to control the amount of time the current passes through the LED, the light brightness is controlled. 

As the pulse width increases, the LED stays on longer and increases in brightness; as the pulse width decreases, the LED decreases in brightness. PWM dimming allows for low LED brightness without decreasing color temperature, providing finer brightness control. Choose a classification based on the type of LED light you have.

  • CV LED DimmerCV LED Dimmer

    Constant Voltage PWM LED Dimmer is a PWM LED dimmer specifically designed for use in constant voltage LED lighting systems. It enables LED lights to operate normally within a fixed voltage range and realizes precise LED brightness adjustment by PWM dimming technology.

    BinColor Constant Voltage PWM LED Dimmer offers a wide variety of control options, including wall mount, remote control and push button control. This versatility allows users to choose the control method that best suits their specific needs and scenarios.

  • CC LED DimmerCC LED Dimmer

    Constant Current LED PWM Dimmer is designed for constant current LED fixtures and achieves LED brightness adjustment through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. This PWM dimmer design is to provide a constant current output to the LEDs.

    Some Constant Current LED PWM Dimmers with a traditional knob dimmer switch that allows users to manually adjust the light brightness. Some offer a remote control function for convenient control.

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