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LED Strip Corner Channel

Corner LED Channels (V shape) are usually used together with LED light strips to enhance the heat dissipation and provide physical protection for the led strips, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and external force damage. 

With a 45° beam angle concentrated light, the led strip light corner channel can be used as accent lighting, providing unlimited possibilities for home and commercial lighting such as cabinets or under cabinets, etc. 

We offer LED aluminum corner extrusion profiles in three colors, silver, white, and black, to suit your different home styles. The standard length of the corner mount led strip channel is one meter, and the length customized service is available. Different LED light diffusers have different light effects, they are usually made of PC or PMMA material, and there are three types you can choose, clear diffuser, semi-clear diffuser, and opal matte diffuser. The main difference between them is the light transmittance.

How To Realize Seamless Inside And Outside Corner Lighting?

What LED Strip Widths Are Available?


Shop By Corner Mount LED Strip Channel Type

  • Surface Mount Corner ChannelsSurface Mount Corner Channels

    Corner LED channel has a V shape/90-degree shape, shining light at a 45-degree angle towards under-cabinet, under-counter, under-shelf, or bathroom basin sink areas. Surface mount angled LED profile is very easy to install, using screws to secure the clips to the mounting location and then snap the extrusion in. You can add these angled led channel profiles in any location to upgrade your home and commercial lighting.

  • Plaster In Corner LED ProfilesPlaster In Corner LED Profiles

    Inside and outside corner profiles are trims to reinforce and protect drywall corners from breakage. Plaster-in corner LED profiles emphasize the vertical lines and contours of internal or external corners with light, adding a sense of hierarchy and visual appeal to architectural interiors.

    How To Realize Seamless Inside And Outside Corner Lighting?


LED Strip Profile Sample Display Video: 

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