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Dual Signal LED Strips

What is a dual signal addressable LED strip?

Dual Signal LED Strips, is a 4-channel single clock line (CLK) and single signal line (DAT) LED driver control circuit and built-in & external IC architecture, the control protocol (SK9822 and APA102 can share the protocol), data transmission speed and PWM refresh frequency between the ICs in the series are different, but there are significantly improved compared to single signal addressable LED, and IC has an automatic signal detection function.

How do addressable LEDs work?

The IC uses advanced CMOS technology, internally integrated serial shift registers, cascade drive circuits and clock data regeneration circuits; LED strips to receive digital signal data from the addressable LED controller or Arduino LED controller, and the data is shifted into the serial shift register at the upper edge of the clock, after dumping, it is converted to multi-port parallel output through pulse width modulation, output 16 million dynamically color chasing addressable RGB modes and 256 gray scales adjustable, update the LED output color immediately after the first valid LED frame, the signal can be updated synchronously.

What is the difference between different types of dual signal addressable LED strip?

SK9822: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; shared protocol with APA102; 4.7 kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 15MHZ

APA102: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; Single color/RGB optional; 20+ kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 20MHZ

APA107: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; 9 kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 30MHZ

HD107s: (the upgrade of APA107);DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; Single color/RGB optional; 26+ kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 40MHZ; 5M/16.4 without voltage drop

WS2801: DC5V individually addressable; built-in & external IC; 2.5 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 25MHZ

LPD8806: DC5V; external IC; 2LEDs cuttable; 4 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 20MHZ

LPD6803: DC12V; external IC; 3LEDs cuttable; 5 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 25MHZ

Shop By Dual Signal Addressable LED Light Strip Type

  • SK9822 IC Programmable LED StripsSK9822 IC Programmable LED Strips

    SK9822 is an RGBIC chip built into SMD5050 RGB LEDs. SK9822 is differentiated from SK6812, WS2812B, and WS2815 in that it has an SPI DATA signal wire as well as an additional CLOCK wire that allows for more precise control of each LED of the strip light. Our SK9822 LED strip has a full range of LED density options (30 60 72 144), waterproof IP rating options (IP20 IP65 IP67), and PCB color options (white black) to suit both indoor and outdoor addressable led strip lighting project needs.

    What is the difference between SK9822 and APA102 Data+Clock addressable LED strip lights?

    Similar types of SK9822 and APA102 are often discussed together. The IC chip of SK9822 and APA102 are different, but SK9822 can share the IC protocol of APA102 in most cases (not compatible with lower PWM frequency protocol).

    1. LED chip size: SK9822 LED chip size is 0.65 square millimeters, APA102 LED chip size is 1 square millimeters, SK9822 has a smaller chip space occupancy rate.

    2. Update type: SK9822 updates the PWM register in the first cycle after the next start frame, and APA102 updates the PWM register immediately after receiving the data; SK9822 updates the data at the same time, while APA102 criss-cross updates the data。

    3. PWM update frequency: The update frequency of SK9822 is 4.7KHZ, and the update frequency of APA102 is 19KHZ. Therefore, the color delay effect of APA102 is shorter and the stroboscopic phenomenon is weakened.

    4. Global brightness control: SK9822 uses a programmable controlled current source to set the global brightness. This is the opposite of APA102. If the global brightness is not set to the maximum value, APA102 will superimpose a lower frequency PWM mode (PWM below 440KHZ)

    The price of SK9822 addressable LED strip is lower than that of APA102 addressable strip, so if you pay more attention to the price, SK9822 may be a good choice, but the PWM update frequency of APA102 LED strip and the transmission speed is faster, so the color delay effect and stroboscopic phenomenon are less.

    SK9822 vs APA102 vs APA107 vs HD107 vs HD107s vs HD108

    SK9822 Datasheet

  • APA102 Programmable LED StripsAPA102 Programmable LED Strips

    What is APA102?

    APA102 is a 6-pin smart LED light control chip built into a 2020 or 5050 RGB SMD LED or 5050 white SMD LED, each LED can be individually controlled and programmed for brightness and color. LED strip and modular light panels controlled by SuperLED APA102 IC chip have signal and clock lines, are capable of 19KHZ update rates and 30mHZ transmission rates, so the APA102 LED is virtually flicker-free. 

    APA102 vs WS2812 Series: APA102 has an additional clock line than WS2812B, allowing data to be transferred at a faster rate, with a smoother and more detailed LED effect. The clock line also allows APA102 to achieve precise timing synchronization, ensuring that both color and brightness changes of the LEDs are performed accurately. Thanks to the clock line, APA102 is somewhat more resistant to interference.

    APA102 vs SK9822: APA102 and SK9822 are the same data+clock LED control type, but the way of updating data and global brightness control are different; APA102 updates data staggered, while SK9822 updates data at the same time, and the chip size of APA102 is bigger.

    APA102C is a replacement for APA102 in order to reduce costs and meet market demand at a more competitive price. Our APA102 and APA102C led strips are available in a variety of densities and waterproof options to meet the needs of engineering projects and DIY projects.

    How to control APA102 LED strip lights?

    APA102 addressable LED strip, support DC5V low voltage input, single LED cuttable, individually addressable. APA102 LED strip can achieve ultra-narrow, high density or single white color, work with Dream Color LED controller or Raspberrypi / Arduino UNO / WLED development board can achieve addressable strip color, mode, control mode of dynamic adjustment. Meanwhile, we can customize the strip length, waterproof level and different color temperature of the APA102 LED strip for you.

    APA102 vs SK9822 vs APA107 vs HD107s vs HD108

    APA102 2020 LED DatasheetAPA102C 5050 LED Datasheet

  • APA107/HD107S Addressable LED StripsAPA107/HD107S Addressable LED Strips

    APA107, HD107S, and HD108 all belong to the CLK+DAT control type. Typically, we think of APA107 as an alternative to APA102C and SK9822, HD107S as an upgrade to APA107 and APA102, and HD108 as an upgrade to HD107S. Among all the addressable led strip IC chips, only HD108 supports 16-bit 65536 grayscale variations at present, the others are 8-bit 256 levels of grayscale.

    HD108 LED has the fastest refresh rate, responds and updates LED status instantly, and with a 16-bit 65536 high-definition grayscale and a wider range of colors to provide richer, more realistic and detailed images and animated lighting effects. With optimal color matching and consistency across the entire HD108 LED strip or pixel matrix, and low forward voltage drop, HD108 strip is ideal for LED screens requiring the best animation and visual effects.

    What is the difference between APA107, HD107s, HD108, APA102, and SK9822 led strips?

    • SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM, transmission rate 15MHZ. • APA102: 20+ kHz PWM, transmission rate 20MHZ. 

    • APA107 is a 4-pin programmable LED IC chip inside an RGB or White SMD5050, 9 kHz PWM frequency, transmission rate 30MHZ.

    • HD107s is a 6-pin LED IC embedded in RGB/White SMD5050 or RGB SMD2020/ SMD3535, 26+ kHz PWM frequency, transmission rate 40MHZ.

    • HD108 is a 6-pin LED IC built-in RGB SMD5050, PWM frequency is up to 27 kHz, 40 MHZ data rate. 

    SK9822 vs APA102 vs APA107 vs HD107 vs HD107s vs HD108

    APA107 Datasheet

    HD107S Datasheet

    HD108 Datasheet

  • WS2801 IC Programmable LED StripsWS2801 IC Programmable LED Strips

    What is WS2801 addressable LED strip light?

    WS2801 is a 3-channel (OUTR/OUTG/OUTB) constant current LED driver, each channel can achieve independent 256-level PWM gray control, output up to 200mA constant LED drive current. WS2801 LED chip contains series shift register, data latch, output register, bandgap reference voltage source, internal oscillator and programmable constant current driver. 

    The serial data input from the SDI data is read into the data shift register inside the chip at the rising edge of the CKI port clock signal, the input clock signal and LED gray scale control signal is shaped by the clock data regeneration circuit inside the chip Output at the CKO and SDO terminals, the input and output signals of each chip realize the normal operation of the entire LED strip. 

    When the POL port input 0, the polarity is reversed, WS2801 works as a PWM controller, which can drive external switches or circuits to drive high brightness LEDs and achieve 256 levels of grayscale control of high-power LEDs, with fast speed, high reliability, and synchronous refresh of grayscale data, etc. It is suitable for low-cost, cascadable LED decorative lighting systems.

  • LPD8806 IC Programmable LED StripsLPD8806 IC Programmable LED Strips

    What is LPD8806 addressable LED strip light?

    LPD8806 LED supports DC5V low voltage input, a single IC controls 2 LEDs, 2LEDs cuttable, high scanning frequency (>4000HZ), 8806 is a new generation driver chip designed for LED lighting systems, it uses advanced industrial-grade CMOS technology (NMOS The integrated circuit made by the device and the PMOS device) provides multiple constant current drives and grayscale modulation output, which is especially suitable for discrete multi-grayscale full-colour lighting systems.

    Unique data clock regeneration mechanism, super signal drive capability, support cascade length over 2000 points; built-in 1.2M oscillator circuit, support FREE-RUN mode, easy to program and design the controller; each channel is built-in independent 256-level PWM The gray-scale control circuit can achieve 1024-level gray-scale effect through programming.

    The LPD chip includes a serial shift register and a cascade drive circuit. The gray data is shifted into the serial shift register on the upper edge of the clock, after dumping, it is converted to a multi-port parallel output by pulse width modulation. The serial shift register and the gray and the degree counter can be controlled by different clock signals,while the data and control signals are output to the next level circuit after a strong internal drive.

  • LPD6803 IC Programmable LED StripsLPD6803 IC Programmable LED Strips

    How does LPD6803 addressable led strip light work?

    LPD6803 is a 3-channel constant current driver IC with internal serial shift registers and cascaded driver circuits, using advanced high-voltage CMOS technology to achieve 256-level grayscale adjustment and output 16 million dynamic color chasing effects, which suitable for industrial lighting.

    The DIN/DCLK port of LED strip inputs the serial data output by the SPI LED controller, and the data is shifted into the serial shift register on the upper edge of the clock. After dumping, it is converted to 3-port parallel output by pulse width modulation, serial shift register and the gray-scale counter can be controlled by different clock signals. LPD6803 drives the data and control signals internally and then outputs them to the next-level circuit, the data clock signal passes through the built-in phase-locked regeneration circuit and is strongly driven to provide the next-level chip to improve the cascade level. number, the maximum current of a single channel is 45mA,  supports DC12V input voltage.

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