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Optic Fiber Illuminator

To make your fiber optic glow, you must have a fiber optic illuminator. We offer many types of fiber optic light sources to cater to your fiber optic decorative lighting. Our fiber optic light source illuminator can be controlled by a RF remote or a smartphone through WiFi and Bluetooth. Select a category that interests you to view.

What is a fiber optic illuminator?

Fiber optic illuminator is the light source in fiber optic lighting, it usually uses LEDs to emit different colors of light, such as various solid colors, RGB and RGBW changing colors. LED fiber optic illuminator can be connected to a car power system, powered via USB, or directly connected to the home grid for ease of use.

How do fiber optics glow?

Fiber optic itself does not emit light, it must be connected to a fiber optic light source to transmit light and allow you to see fiber optic light. Fiber optics and fiber optical illuminators are used together.

LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

Shop By Fiber Optic Illuminator Type

  • RGB Fiber Optic EngineRGB Fiber Optic Engine

    RGB fiber optic light illuminator sources display RGB color-changing light mode on fiber optic cables, suitable for atmosphere lighting or creating artwork with fiber optics, such as LED fiber optic tree lights, LED fiber optic star ceiling lights, LED fiber optic pool lighting, etc. Different types of RGB fiber optic light engines have different powers, heads, and control methods (button remote, touch remote, IR remote control, RF remote control, Bluetooth, Tuya WiFi APP control). You can browse and choose according to your actual needs. 

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • RGBW Fiber Optic EngineRGBW Fiber Optic Engine

    If you want your fiber optic cables to be colorful lights, then you need an RGBW light source. Our RGBW fiber optic light engines are available with RF remote control, Bluetooth APP control, and Tuya WiFi Alexa control. View these multiple types of illuminators with different powers and coupling heads. 

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • DMX Fiber Optic EngineDMX Fiber Optic Engine

    DMX (Digital Multiplex) fiber optic illuminator is a lighting device that realizes luminaire control through digital multiplex technology. DMX protocol was originally designed to solve the problem of equipment interoperability in stage lighting systems and has now become the standard in lighting industry. 

    1. Integration of a large number of fiber illuminators and control equipment, making the fiber optic lighting system layout more concise and more convenient to control fiber lights

    2. Can achieve precise control of individual fiber light sources, flexible adjustment of brightness, color, dynamic effects, etc.

    3. It is the best choice for commercial lighting, large building lighting, and landscape lighting

  • Twinkle Fiber Optic EngineTwinkle Fiber Optic Engine

    Twinkle Fiber Optic Light Illuminator presents a dynamic lighting effect that is used to simulate the twinkling state of the stars. Use these twinkle light sources to illuminate your fiber optics and add a super ambient starry sky ceiling to your room and home theater.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • APP Controlled Fiber EngineAPP Controlled Fiber Engine

    With Bluetooth+RF and WiFi+RF control options, you can control fiber optic lighting at your fingertips, effortlessly adjusting brightness levels and changing colors. The combination of Bluetooth/WiFi and RF enhances the reliability of fiber optic lighting control.

    These fiber optic illuminators allow you to connect them to your smartphone or local WiFi network and control the fiber optic lights from anywhere in the control range.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

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