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How To Buy

Checkout in just 3 steps

1. After confirming the purchase, please register on our website, old users please login indirectly;

2. Add the products and attribute options you need to the shopping cart according to your project requirements;

3. After clicking checkout, the first step is to choose the shipping method;

4. The second step is to select the payment method, fill in the discount coupon and order remarks;

5. The third step is to jump to the payment page after confirming the order to confirm the order and pay.

How to Buy Guide PDF

Please note points:

1. The delivery address can be changed in step 1-2 of the checkout page, and the system can add 5 delivery addresses;

2. Your registration information will be kept confidential, and we will not send you any promotional information;

3. We can also help you create a shopping cart based on your project or confirm whether your list is correct, please contact us;

4. Please choose the free shipping channel for more than $199 orders;

5. It is recommended to use PayPal for personal or orders not exceeding $3000, for company accounts and large amounts, please choose bank transfer;

6. My account can check the order processing status, the previous purchase list.


How to Pay 

You have three ways to pay for this order, 

1. You can pay through our website,

1). Log in to your account,  If you are logging in for the first time, please register our website.

2). please add all the items to your shopping cart, and checkout.

3). Payment order via PayPal

2. Transfer to us via paypal.me

If you want a customized order, the website link cannot calculate your price, or you don’t know how to check out, you can also transfer to us directly through paypal, such as your order total is 520.25 USD

payment link:  


Click the link directly pay $520.25 to us. You can also modify the number behind / to change the order amount;

Our company paypal account:  ledstripssale@gmail.com

After you place the order, please send your delivery address and phone number to us. (When the order is over $ 20, you may receive a call from the customs, but we will create an invoice of less than $ 50 if you agree)

We recommend that you use PayPal to payment orders, because you don't have to pay any commission charge , and you can get a 180 day refund protection via PayPal. You can also use credit cards to pay.

When the checkout page jumps to the PayPal payment page, you can choose credit card payment channel.

3. T/T bank transfer

If you are a corporate buyer or a country that is not allowed to use PayPal, you can also transfer funds to our company account:

Hello esteemed Customer,

For the payment of goods, please make a SWIFT(T/T) or CHATS(HK Local) Payment of:


To the following account:


SWIFT/BIC: DHBKHKHH (DHBKHKHHXXX * If 11 characters are required)

Account Number: 79969287451

Account Name: SuperLightingLED Co Ltd If the account name is too long, you can continue filling it into the address field

Bank Name: DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Bank Address: 11th Floor, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Type of Account: Business Account

Bank Code: 016

Branch Code: 478 * If paying from Hong Kong banks



1. Make sure to add the 'XT-' prefix before the payment account when making a remittance. Otherwise, the payment may not be received.

2. Please include the following memo/message to receiver when making a payment:

[Buyer Name] [Invoice/Contract Number] [Product]

Here is our Bank account opening certificate


Why I can't log in to my account and can't add items to my shopping cart 

Please change a browser to log in to your account(IE, google, Safari or Firefox) or clear the browser's cache: 

when your browser login error reached twice, the browser will temporarily stop your login permissions, in order to make all customer information safer, our website uses SSL security certification, which is the cause of the problem, 

If you use the Windows system, please try to use the IE browser, if you use the MAC iOS system, please use Google or Safari browser.

If you are worried that these operations will cause unnecessary trouble for your computer, you can also try to clear the browser's cache, which still can solve the problem you can not login account, add the product or pay error.

How to clear the browser's cache: 

Please press Ctrl + Shift + Delete at the same time, 

The browser will prompt you if you want to clear the cache, please select the Clear browser cache(cookie and web data) option, select Confirm.

Then try to log in to your account again.


 Why did I get PayPal API error code 10486? 


PayPal returned API error code 10486 - This transaction couldn't be completed.


A buyer’s Express Checkout payment failed due to a bad funding source; for example, the transaction exceeded the buyer's card limit.


ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (10410)

10410 Invalid token - Invalid token.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (10415)

10415 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. - A successful transaction has already been completed for this token.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (10417)

10417 Transaction cannot complete. - Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customers PayPal wallet. The transaction did not complete with the customers selected payment method.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (10736)

10736 Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal Code - A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (13113)

13113 Buyer Cannot Pay. - The Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this Transaction.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (15005)

15005 Processor Decline - This transaction cannot be processed.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (15006)

15006 Processor Decline - This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid credit card number and type.

ALERT: PayPal Express Checkout Error (15007)

15007 Processor Decline - This transaction cannot be processed. Please use a valid credit card.


If you send your buyer to the PayPal page to select an alternate funding source or add a new funding source, this eliminates the need to perform another SetExpressCheckout call that reinitiates the entire transaction flow. It also helps the buyer to complete the transaction (instead of getting stuck in an endless checkout loop).

Note: The initial card failure occurred when the card-issuing bank denied the transaction. If the customer feels that the denial was in error, ask them to contact their bank to resolve the issue.

SuperLightingLED.com makes meeting for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient help options. Below is a guide to the buy methods used by SuperLightingLED.com , so you can choose the right information for you.

Paying with PayPal;

PayPal is a secure and trusted payment processing service which allows you to shop online. PayPal can be used at superlightingled.com to purchase items by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card, or E-check (i.e. using your regular Bank Account).

Using PayPal

You do not need to have a PayPal account before ordering from SuperLightingLED.com .

1. On your Shopping Cart page, click Check out with PayPal after reviewing your items. You will then leave superlightingled.com  and enter PayPal's website.

2. Log in to your PayPal account, or create one if you haven't already.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions given by PayPal.

Advantages of using PayPal:

Payment is traceable. You can trace the status of your payment using your PayPal account.

Payment does not require you to use your credit card online (you can transfer directly from your bank account). If you do use your credit card through PayPal, SuperLightingLED.com  won't see your credit card number, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use. 

We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for any local handling fees and Intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local bank.

Normally you can register free for an account at www.paypal.com - but please note paying by Paypal is only possible in the countries listed on the following web page:

About PayPal      click here for more

If you have a Paypal account, but you are having problems with sending money or logging into Paypal, you need to speak to Paypal customer service and not us.

If paypal is not available in your country,It does not matter. You can pay us via bank transfer or western union.The detailed information about bank transfer and western union.


 About the purchase of common questions: 

1. Can't Cash On Delivery  Please pay for your order in full, in advance, by bank transfer,western union or Paypal.

2. Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through SuperLightingLED.com?

We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China.

Possible additional costs to you may include:

- bank transfer charges,

- Paypal money 'upload' charges,

- Any import duties that are levied at customs.

Please note that if you are re-selling (or drop-shipping) goods from SuperLightingLED.com,Please ensure you are abiding by the tax (and other) regulations for selling goods in your home country and the destination country.

Please note that if you are drop-shipping to end customers, Please let them know about any taxes they may have to pay when receiving goods from the courier.

3. Can I Pay By Credit Card?

Yes. BUT it’s better to activate the payment through the Paypal. The paypal accept the International Credit Card, like Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Diners Club/JCB. Paypal offers a secure method to send money from your credit card without telling online shops your credit card numbers. You choose which method to use on the second-to-last screen of the online checkout process, and this screen gives you instructions how to make the payment.

4. May I know superlightingled.com's paypal account?

yes you can. If you want to send money directly to our paypal account,please make sure our paypal account first with our online salesman.

Our paypal account is: ledstripssale@gmail.com [SuperLightingLED Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd.] (it may change,make sure with us before your payment)

Please do not send inquire to this email address, If you need help, please go to our HelpCenter to submit a ticket.. Our customer service representative will help you solve it out.

5. I Want To Contact PayPal Customer Service But Can't Find A Phone

Finding this information on the PayPal website is quite tricky and some users have suggested this may be because they prefer receiving requests by email and want to reduce the number of calls. You can contact PayPal customer service at the toll-free contact numbers below:

Toll Free for Business/Premier, USA & Canada: 1-888-221-1161 / 1-888-204-4481

Personal Accounts: 1-402-935-2050

PayPal UK: 0870 7307 191

They are open between the following hours:

4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT Monday through Friday

6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday

6.Why Was My Order Cancelled/Why did you refund my payment?

If we returned your money to you and closed your order, it is almost certainly because we were unable to verify your payment or the products you ordered were out of stock. Generally, our customer service staff will contact you by phone or email to discuss with you,but if we can not get in touch with you in 5 days after we receive your payment,we will have to refund for you. As we think,It is our responsibility to ship out your order in time.

Possible reasons for refunding money are: - Paypal account name and address does not match your order's shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.

- The the products you ordered were out of stock(Generally we have enough stock but rarely we may suffer an temporarily lack of certain product ), and there was no response when we contacted you.

7.How can I view prices on your website in different currencies?

You can choose to view prices in different currencies using the drop-down Currencies menu at the top of the right-hand pane of our homepage. You can also change the currency on individual product pages, by placing your mouse pointer over the currency denomination next to the item's price. 

You can view prices in the following currencies:

- US Dollar (USD)  - Euro (EUR)  - British Pound (GBP)  - Australian Dollar (AUD)  - Canadian Dollar (CAD)  - Swiss Franc (CHF)  - Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


Shipping & Returns 

Superlightingled products are shipped out every day, from Monday to Friday, except holidays. Most orders placed will be dispatched within 1-5 business days (except the products with "Delivery lead time"),You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your tracking number (if you choose shipping by carrier like DHL,UPS). Please check your junk box if you can't receive the e-mails, after you receive your tracking number, you will be able to track your order online.

If your goods were shipped by air cargo, please contact us at [sales@superlightingled.com], should there be a delay.

Please feel free to contact us, should you encounter any difficulties while trying to track your goods on line.

Note: Due to DHL and UPS shipping regulations, parcel lengths over 1.2 meters (4ft) require additional charges, so if your order has such a condition, we will charge you the relevant fees.

Flat Rate: Air Mail with Tracking Number (Under 1 KG)    $7 for All over the world

Shipping Method

Received days

Shipping area


Tracking Websites


7-12 Days

All over the world

Total Weight < 1 KG



Above shipping method only apply to items under 1 KG

Express Starting at $24

Shipping Method

Received days

Shipping area


Tracking Websites


3-4 Days

All over the world




4-5 Days

All over the world




4-7 Days

All over the world




The zip codes in the list below will all pay an additional $53 remote address charge starting from January 1, 2023, this price is applicable to DHL, UPS and FedEx,

This is not the shipping fee, but the remote service fee other than the shipping fee, which will be charged by DHL,

DHL US Remote Address Zip Code List


FREE Express Delivery on all Trade orders over $199

Custom declare options: 

a. declare lower (You will save VAT and duty for import to Your country)

b. declare full ammount:

if total amount above $800  and If you do not specify declare value we will declare lower amount. 

If you want a particular declared price you could clarify it in your order.

Return & Exchange Policy:

Your satisfaction is the goal we are after. If you are not satisfied with the merchandise you have bought, you may return within 30 days from shipping date. All returned merchandise must be in original package and must have all original tags attached. Refunds will not include shipping charges. 

Exchanges are only acceptable for the same series merchandise in a different available type. We cannot exchange completely different merchandise. Exchanged merchandise can only be shipped out after we receive the returned goods and have a quality check. Customers are responsible for the shipping cost back to us, and we will cover the shipping cost back to you.

Return Procedure:

Email us the reason why you want to return the merchandise.

Delivery the item to the address we specify in the shipment (or another place we tell you). Please state all your information clearly inside your return including the original order number, buyer's name, address and telephone number.

Returned merchandise must be in the same condition as we shipped out. We reserve the right to assess additional fees if the returned item is not in proper condition.



Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping and Returns 

1). Question: How much is the cost for shipping.

Answer: Hongkong Post Air Mail with Tracking Number (Under 1 KG) $12.0 for All over the world

Worldwide Express(UPS,DHL): Strating at $25. Please give us your phone number, because Express required for this information.

2). Question: What happens after I place my order?

Answer: Our ordering system immediately emails you a copy of your latest order once you're placed an order through our online order form. You will also receive another email from us in about 1-5 business days to inform you of the status of your order. Please ensure that you are using your correct email account to view your email copy(i.e. the same email address you specified when filling out our online order form). 

3). Question: Can I cancel my order?

Answer: Customer satisfaction is important to all of us at SUPERLIGHTINGLED ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. We will ship your merchandise as quickly as possible. If your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel it for you. However, we shall not be able to process a cancellation once your order has been shipped.

4). Question: What should I do if the goods received are damaged? 

Answer: All products are carefully wrapped with utmost care to ensure a safe delivery to its destination. In case of damage during shipment, please file your damage claims to the delivering carrier immediately, and notify us within 72 hours of receipt of damaged merchandise by you.

5). Question: Are delivery dates guaranteed? 

Answer: We cannot guarantee delivery dates for circumstances beyond our control (e.g.,   unsuccessful delivery attempts, carrier weather delays, incorrect addresses, etc.) NO refunds will be issued under these circumstances.

6). Question: Can I specify a future delivery date? 

Answer: yes,you can specify a future delivery date. please contact us.

7). Question: Where will you ship your products? 

Answer: Right now, we will ship to all over the world.

8). Question: How long would it take to receive my items after placing order 

Answer: The total time required would be order processing time plus shipping time. A rough estimate for delivering to any major city in the world would be as below:

Stock Orders with Air Parcel Shipment: ~ 2 to 4 working days

Stock Orders with Express Shipment: ~7 to 12 working days

Alteration or Custom-made Orders with Air Parcel Shipment: ~ 7 to 15 days

Alteration or Custom-made Orders with Express Shipment: ~ 10 to 20 days

9). Question: When will my order be shipped? 

Answer: Our website accepts most forms of paypal payments.

We accept credit cards(via Paypal), T/T, Western Union. you can choose your favorite method when you check out. 

10). Question: What payments do you accept? 

Answer: All stock merchandise will be dispatched for shipment within 1-2 working days of receipt of order. Please allow an additional 3-5 working days for custom-made or alteration service. You will be notified via email of any back orders, or other delays in shipping your order. We offer delivery via Registered International air parcel which takes up to 11-16 working days for you to receive your goods. We also offer Worldwide Express service which takes up to 3-6 working days for you to receive your goods.

11). Question: What will happen if I give an incorrect shipping address?

Answer: PLEASE be certain of your address before ordering!  Unfortunately, your product will probably not get to its destination in time for the important occasion if you supply an incorrect address when ordering. Make sure that you include apartment or suite numbers if applicable. and most important is give us your phone nubmer

If a package is returned to us because of an address problem, we will reship the package to you or a corrected recipient address. You will be charged for the additional shipping fees.

12). Question: What happens in the event of lost packages?

Answer: Although we offer Express and registered postings, we would suggest delivery by UPS or DHL In an effort to further your shopping experience with us, superlightingled.com has decided to protect customers on any loss of packages sent to you via UPS or Registered Post. For registered postings, simply wait 3 months, so we can determine and confirm that the package has been lost, and we will reimburse you a full store credit up to the value of the product that you chose. For UPS deliveries, it may take 1 month to claim for reimbursements. We remain as always 100% dedicated to customer service.

13). Question: I still haven't received my package within the time you spec 

Answer: We usually need 1-3 working days to process your order before it is shipped out. Once it's shipped, it will take another 7-10 working days for your package to arrive at its shipping address. Packages on express deliveries will take about 3-4 working days in shipping time to reach the recipient. In the rare event that the recipient faces unexpected delays in receiving our products, this could be due to a customs 


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