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Addressable Dream Color Controllers

LED SPI Controller For Addressable LED Strip Lights, LED Module Lights, and LED Panel Screen.

Available in various addressable led light controllers with 1/2/4/6/8 output channels for you to choose from, WiFi Controller, Bluetooth Controller, Music Controller, Mini Controller, Switch Panel Controller, SPI/DMX Controller, Programmable Controller, Arduino UNO R3 and Raspberry Pi 4B Control Board, etc. 

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  • SPI LED Bluetooth ControllerSPI LED Bluetooth Controller

    Bluetooth Controller can wirelessly connect between your mobile phone and addressable LED light fixtures (addressable led strip lights, pixel led modules, pixel led panel screens, etc. ). It can implement data commands to addressable LED lights within a short distance without wires to change the LED color, light brightness, mode, etc. In addition, the Bluetooth LED controller can be compatible with music, RF remote control, IR remote control, and speaker functions to achieve more intelligent control methods.

    With a fast and convenient connection, Bluetooth is great wireless LED light control method. Turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and connect to the Bluetooth of your addressable LED light fixture. After a successful connection, you can control the LED lighting through your IOS/Android mobile phone APP.

    If you're looking for an SPI controller for your running water white led light strip, the Bluetooth controller with a switch panel is a good choice. 

  • WiFi Alexa LED ControllerWiFi Alexa LED Controller

    WiFi controller uses wireless local area network to connect the addressable LED lamps (addressable led strip lights, pixel led module string lights, addressable LED panel, etc. ) to your mobile phone. You can intelligently control the pixel LED lights through the mobile phone software program.

    Moreover, the WiFi LED controller can be compatible with voice control, music, RF remote control, and IR remote control functions, allowing you to control the addressable LED lights intelligently. With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can verbally control the LED color change. 

    Scan the QR code on the WiFi SPI controller and download the mobile app. Then get it connected to your home network. Make sure your phone and the controller app are using the same router. This way you can use your phone to control your addressable LED strip lights.

    Note: These WiFi LED controllers can only work with 2.4Ghz networks, they do not support 5Ghz.

  • RF Pixel LED ControllerRF Pixel LED Controller

    RF (Radio Frequency) LED Controller uses an antenna to send radio wave signals to remotely control addressable LED light fixtures (addressable led light strips, addressable led module string lights, addressable pixel led panels, etc. ).

    With a control range of 30 meters, you can use the handheld remote control to perform a remote operation without having to aim in the direction of the addressable LED fixture. It can penetrate obstacles such as walls to provide full 3D coverage. RF SPI Controller is compatible with WiFi, Bluetooth, voice control, mobile APP control, and music control functions. Mini RF controller with touch panel or key panel is also very popular. 

    IR (Infrared) LED Light Controller uses infrared rays to send signals. It is highly directional but weak in crossing obstacles.

  • LED Artnet DMX ControllerLED Artnet DMX Controller

    LED Artnet DMX Controller allows DMX light systems to be connected to Ethernet to accommodate LED lighting designs. It is compatible with both DMX512 protocol and Ethernet. With full functionality, reliable performance and easy operation, it can meet the needs of large stage lighting network control.

  • Programmable LED ControllerProgrammable LED Controller

    Programmable LED controller allows users to modify the LED lighting programs according to their needs, such as modifying the speed of light flashing, time, pattern, etc. It has good scalability to achieve higher light control requirements. You can edit and download the programmed control program in the supporting software at will.

  • SPI-DMX LED DecoderSPI-DMX LED Decoder

    DMX-SPI Decoder converts DMX512 digital signals to SPI digital signals, making DMX512 light system compatible with SPI fixture products. The DMX console can control to each channel of the LED fixture to achieve 0-100% dimming or edit various LED color change effects.

  • Music LED ControllerMusic LED Controller

    Music LED Controller senses the change of surrounding sound spectrum, with the music rhythm can make the LED strip change color and dynamic effects, having a very cool dynamic effect. It is compatible with WiFi, Bluetooth, RF/IR wireless control, and Tuya smart system, DMX512 control system

  • Addressable RGBW ControllerAddressable RGBW Controller

    RGBW Controller for Addressable LED Lights, compatible with WiFi, Alexa voice control, Bluetooth, music, and RF remote control functions. You can also choose a programmable RGBW LED controller to make programs. 

  • Key Control SeriesKey Control Series

    Use the buttons on the LED controller to control the addressable LED light effect. Here you can find human motion sensor stair light controllers, 3-key mini controllers, and programming controllers.

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