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LED Power Expander

BinColor led power extender is mainly used to increase power transmission distance and support more LED fixtures. 

1) When the LED strip lighting system needs to cover a long distance, the power signal will attenuate during the transmission process, resulting in insufficient power received by the end LED lights. BinColor led strip extender can amplify the current and voltage during signal transmission, ensuring that power is stably transmitted to the end and maintaining the brightness and performance of the LEDs.

2) When the number of LEDs in an LED lighting system increases, the original power supply may not be able to meet the power needs of all light lamps. BinColor power expander can provide additional power support for newly added LEDs, ensuring that every LED in the entire system can operate normally.


Shop By LED Light Power Expander Type

  • CV RepeaterCV Repeater

    CV LED Power Repeater is suitable for all constant voltage power output style controllers’ power expansion, it accepts PWM control of single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT LED strips. The control quantity of LED strip lights would be twice as much by adding one more CV power repeater, unlimited quantity of CV repeater to be connected theoretically. Also, the power repeater of constant voltage model and constant current model could be connected freely, suitable for synchronized control on different LED lamps.

  • CC RepeaterCC Repeater

    BinColor Constant Current LED CC Power Repeaters increase the power of the input signal from constant current LED controller to a higher level to connect more constant current LED lights. These BinColor CC LED Repeaters can output one channel of single color or RGB three channels of multi-color.

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