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LED Dimmer Series

DMX Triac dimmer adopts industrial-grade advanced computer control chip, the shell adopts rail type, high-power three-way output, suitable for the industrial environment; high-voltage MOS tube is used as the control circuit to achieve post-cut phase dimming, used to control various The lamps connected to the thyristor power supply can also be directly connected to the load lamps; it has the advantages of convenient wiring, simple use and convenience; the dimming function can be realized according to the actual needs of customers.


Shop By LED Dimming Control Type

  • LED Light DimmerLED Light Dimmer

    Mechanically turn the LED dimmer button, you can turn the knob on the dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lamp from 0% to 100%, the frequency of the dimmer is around 1,000, so it is only used for home lighting, if you use For photography lighting, please choose a dimmer with a frequency higher than 20000, such as model V1-K

    How to Use: Firstly connect the load wire, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power. When detected someone comes, the light turns on, after people left 10 seconds later, the light turns off automatically. And the right control signal output line and input line should connect correctly. 

  • LED Touch DimmerLED Touch Dimmer

    The European standard touch triac dimmer adopts advanced computer control chip, the outer shell adopts European standard, and the high voltage MOS tube is used as the control circuit to achieve post-cut phase dimming; it inherits the advantages of low voltage controller and adopts glass panel design. Beautiful and stylish appearance, high-precision capacitive touch control chip, which increases the sensitivity of touch and reduces false triggers; can be used to control various lamps connected to the thyristor power supply, and can also be directly connected to high-voltage LED load lamps; with convenient wiring and simple use And other advantages; providing intelligent lighting control that is more comfortable, safe, and convenient than traditional lighting control, optimizing people's control experience of lighting, thus bringing users a new and comfortable lighting environment.

  • 0~10V Dimmer0~10V Dimmer

    This controller is a self-developed 0-10V panel dimmer that integrates infrared wireless remote control and knob dimming. It maintains the advantages of low-voltage dimmer precise dimming. It uses an infrared wireless remote control to increase control. Flexibility, which can implement functions such as delayed light off and scene control, provide smart lighting control effects that are more comfortable, safe, and convenient than traditional light controllers, optimize people's control experience of light, and bring new, Comfortable lighting environment.

    Things You Need To Know About 0-10V Dimmer & Dimming

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