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LED Power Repeater

Ltech LED Repeaters accept signals from PWM LED controllers and provide sufficient power supply for newly added LEDs. The number of controlled LEDs can be increased indefinitely by adding power repeaters. With short circuit, over current, anti-reverse connection safety protections. 

Constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) LED power repeaters can be mixed connected, making it easy for one controller to control LED fixtures with different voltages and powers.


Shop By Ltech LED Repeater Type

  • PWM CV Power amplifierPWM CV Power amplifier

    In led strip light applications, sometimes the output of the led controller may not be enough to drive all your led strips. In this case, you can use a constant voltage power amplifier to amplify the controller's output to ensure that enough power is delivered to all the led strips. And the led light strips are all under the same control system.

    These Ltech PWM LED Strip Light Constant Voltage Power Amplifiers with 1CH, 3CH, or 4CH color output for different led types. 

  • PWM CC Power amplifierPWM CC Power amplifier

    These Ltech Constant Current (CC) LED PWM Power Amplifiers can act as PWM to constant current converters, PWM signal input and constant current 350mA/700mA/1050mA or 1400mA/1750mA/2100mA output, to achieve PWM dimming control of different constant current led lamps.

    Adding a CC power amplifier allows you to connect a multiple number of constant current LEDs. In theory, an infinite number of PWM constant current power amplifiers can be connected.

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