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DALI Master Controller

DALI Master Controller is a device that can send commands and receive data from one or multiple DALI devices on a network.

The DALI Master is responsible for controlling the lighting system and managing communication between the DALI devices. Each DALI device on the network has a unique address that is assigned by the master. The master can send individual or group commands to the devices, allowing for flexible control of the lighting system.

100-240VAC DALI Push Dimmer DA-P For DALI Drivers Or Ballasts
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100-240VAC DALI Push Dimmer DA-P For DALI Drivers Or Ballasts

  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
  • Input signal: Push
  • DALI bus Voltage output: 16VDC
  • DALI bus Current output: 100mA max
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DALI Push Dimmer DA-P. Push Dim/Address programmability/Dim speed adjustable/Memory function.    Features ● Small Dimmer for DALI Drivers or Ballasts. ● Unidirectional and broadcasting communication. ● Control by conventional push-button, with or without memory: Short press: turn on /off the light. Long press: dimming up/down. ● Dimming speed adjustable by a rotary knob. ●...
Wall-Mounted DALI 4 Push Button Dimmer Master DA-4S
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Wall-Mounted DALI 4 Push Button Dimmer Master DA-4S

  • Input signal: 4xpush switch
  • Output signal: DALI
  • Power supply: DALI bus
  • Static current: 4mA@16V
Various Options In Stock
4 Push Button DALI Dimmer DA-4S. 1-4 Push button input / Encoding switch select addresses.    Features ● Standard DALI Master, control 4 DALI Addresses. ● Comply to Latest DALI standard protocol IEC62386 and in compliance with DALI products from other international incorporation. ● Power is provided by DALI bus. ● 1-4 push button control. ● Enable to select of 4 different...
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