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LED Dimmer & Converter

Welcome to use this 0/1-10V dimming driver. It is to solve the compatible problem of fluorescent dimming and LED illumination, this controller can dim both fluorescent and LED lamps at the same time.


Shop By LED Dimmer & Converter Type

  • 0-10V DALI Series0-10V DALI Series

    Welcome to use our DMX512-RDM controller, which adapts the international wildly used DMX512-RDM/2009 standard protocol. lt has a quick and easy way to search and modify the functions of slave devices that support RDM commands.

  • Timing DimmerTiming Dimmer

    This Timer dimmer Series is 4CH output, it can adjust the brightness based on the set time. Users also can insert a variety of special lighting change effect, which can be customized or recorded by the DMX console, simulating the light change in nature perfectly,  suitable for commercial lighting, plant light, and aquarium light etc.

  • Dimming Signal ConverterDimming Signal Converter

    DMX512 to the 0-10V converter, which adopted advanced micro-computer control technology to transfer DMX512/1990 signal to 0-10V signal or PWM 10V、5V signal. The user can choose 1~4 output channels; each channel can dim with a signal separate.

  • LED CCT ControllerLED CCT Controller

    K series rotary controller is widely used for commercial /office/household lighting, workable for dimming, color temperature, RGB control .with digital display, display status is clear when at a glance. It compatible with our T1, T2, T3 wireless remote control, realize remote control function, thus can meet the demand of various occasions.

  • PWM LED DimmerPWM LED Dimmer

     LED intelligent dimmer is dedicated to adjusting the brightness of LED lights, which adopted the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology at present. It’s suitable for adjusting the brightness of low-power and hi-power LED illumination lights LED bar, LED lamp tape, wall lamp, LED spotlights, LED lamp, LED droplight, etc, It’s real 0~100% brightness adjusting, 4096 scale levels. It works more advantageous, especially in low brightness. Welcome to compare.

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