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LED Light Bulbs

We offer different types of LED light bulbs to meet your residential and commercial lighting needs. You can dim and change color of our smart light bulbs series through WiFi Alexa voice commands, Blurtooth devices, RF remote controls, etc. 

High energy efficiency, long life, environmental protection and energy saving are the features of our LED bulbs, which provide a bright and comfortable lighting experience for your living and commercial environment.


Shop By LED Light Bulbs Type

  • WiFi Smart Voice LED Bulb LightsWiFi Smart Voice LED Bulb Lights

    LED Light Bulb uses the voice to turn the light on or off to dim it to a certain degree or let it change to the color you like. Our WiFi voice series light bulbs can be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant like a home control center without any additional hardware. You only need to open the mobile APP, screw in the light bulb, or install the switch, and perform your oral operation.

  • Bluetooth LED Bulb LightsBluetooth LED Bulb Lights

    Are you still looking for KTV private room effect? A Superlightingled LED bulb can easily take you into the colorful rock world, and follow the music. This LED light bulb has a magnetic Bluetooth speaker, stereo surround sound, easy connection, and convenient application. 4.0 Bluetooth wireless transmission technology, stable data transmission, easy to enjoy music experience, the color will change with the change of music. High CRI LED light beads, no flicker, no glare, long life, and RGB multiple colors, 3 way led bulb you can use APP or remote control to adjust the brightness and speed, you can also choose your favorite mode to create a relaxing and romantic Atmosphere. The led color changing lights bulb using a high-transmittance mask, the light transmittance is 97%, and the light is bright and uniform without glare. E27 screw mouth, well-selected materials, safe and durable, can be used in the field of household and commercial lights and has a wide range of applications, such as music bars, KTVs, fashion boxes, theme restaurants, wedding venues, dance halls, etc.

  • RF Wireless LED Blub LightsRF Wireless LED Blub Lights

    With over 16 million colors and 8 scene modes, you can DIY various scenes to meet your mood and life needs. Whether you want a warm reading atmosphere after work, or want to prepare a candlelight dinner for your wedding anniversary, you can transform your home to any mode with different lighting scenes.12 Colors Choose 4 main colors in the color plate including Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Based on these primary colors, it allows you to select 120 static colors as your DIY colors to set on the controller.

    Wide Applications: it can be used as decorative lighting, mood lighting, landscape lighting, downlighting, and so on, It also adjusts the rhythm and creates more surprises and romance.

  • Single Color LED Bulb LightsSingle Color LED Bulb Lights

    Compared with conventional incandescent lamps, led light bulbs' lighting efficiency enhances 5 times and saves 90% energy.  LED bulbs are economical and environment-friendly. Replace the energy-saving light and incandescent lamp with LED bulbs. The operating costs will be greatly reduced. PC cover light transmittance is above 90%. No messy installation required, just switch over to your new LED E27 like you would any other light bulb. If you were to replace incandescent 40W bulbs, you will save $216 over the lifetime of the LED bulb. Replace every bulb in your home, and you’d see those savings turn into thousands.

  • LED Filament BulbsLED Filament Bulbs

    Include a touch of vintage style to your house or service by using these antique LED filament bulbs. Matching the look of vintage incandescent bulbs, these LED filament lamps generate the same cozy light while being much more energy-efficient. These classic reproduction bulbs have a clear glass finish to assist display the filaments, nonetheless, the amber-tinted or frozen finish is likewise available. Because these bulbs typically have a reduced Lumen outcome contrasted to standard LED light bulbs, they are used for simply decorative purposes and also are best fit for fixtures like sconces and also pendants.

  • CFL LED LampsCFL LED Lamps

    This lamp features incorporated control equipment aiding the smooth operation of the light. Generally a reliable, resilient lamp ideal for desk lamps, emergency situation lighting, portable fixtures, downlights, as well as various other comparable applications.

  • Double Ended R7sDouble Ended R7s

    Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the Double Ended R7s Specialty LED Light Bulb. This 3000K bright white light is non-dimmable and will replace a 100-Watt equivalent incandescent bulb. It produces a similar light output of 800 Lumens, uses fewer watts of electricity, and up to 88% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb. Get instant on to full brightness with relatively cool running performance. This Feit Electric LED specialty bulb has an average life of 15000 hours, is RoHS compliant, and 100% mercury-free. Choose a dependable refrigerator and Indicator bulb for residential or commercial applications.

  • LED Pin Light BulbLED Pin Light Bulb

    Lengthy lifetime, High performance, as well as eco-friendly. Extensively made use of for Ceiling Lights, Necklace Lighting, Workdesk Lamps, Table Lights, Puck Lights, Under-counter Lights, Storage Room Lights, Under-cabinet Lights, Accent Lights, Display as well as Landscape Lights, Recreational Vehicle Motorhome Caravan Automotive Marine Boats Yachts Applications. WARNINGS: 12V Air Conditioner LED bulbs function completely with an iron core, magnetic as well as wire-wound transformers that are used for halogen bulbs. DON'T USE ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERS, which might cause LEDs flickering, blinking, or perhaps damage. 12V DC and 24V DC LED lights to work with constant voltage DC transformers just.

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