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Is it worth getting led strip lights?

For those who have not bought the LED strip lights but want to start, is it worth getting LED strip lights ? The answer depends on yourself. But here we will provide you some considerations to help you determine if you start with LED strip lights.


Are led strip lights flexible?

Most led strip lights are flexible. The biggest feature of the flexible strip lights is that it can be bent, which is the biggest difference between flexible strips and rigid strips. When you use led strips, it is not limited to horizontal use. You can bend within a certain angle. It is more adaptable to the installation environment.

Want to know two types of led strip lights:

Flexible led strip lights VS Rigid led strip lights


Can you cut led strip lights?

Many people have the question : can I cut led strip lights ? They don’t know an important feature of led strip lights is that can be cut. Each kind of led strip has different cutting units. One led light, three led lights, and six led lights. The advantage of cut is that, when the length of your project is longer than your led strip, you can according the length to cut and obtain your perfect length.

More cutting knowledge:

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Are led strip lights easy to install?

Led strip lights usually have a 3M adhesive backing. Compared with other led lights installation, the installation of led strip lights is more simple and convenient. You just only need to tear off the adhesive, and stick it to your installation place. The tape of led strip lights is very sticky. It won't fall off easily if you clean up your installation place.

About installing led strips:

How to Install LED Strip Lights?


Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity? 

Why are LED lights energy efficient? Let's take 5050 SMD LED as an example, the wattage of a 5050 SMD LED is about 0.2W. If it has 60 LED lights, and the total wattage of a 5 meters / 16.4 feet led strip is, 0.2*60*5=60W/5 meters. 

Compared with large household appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, LED strip lights are very energy-saving appliances. LED is made of semiconductor materials into light-emitting diodes to directly convert electrical energy into light energy, and its electro-optical efficiency is very high. 95% of LED energy is converted into light, and only 5% is converted into heat. 


Can you adjust brightness of led strip lights?

If you don’t satisfied with the brightness of your light, or you want to determine the brightness by your will, starting with led strip lights is a great choice. With a dimmer, you can get different brightness from the darkest to the brightest. You can choose the right brightness in every case. Multi-color led strip lights can adjust brightness as well with a remote.

More knowledge about led control:

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How many colors are in led strip lights? 

Most of normal LED lighting lights only have a role of lighting. However, led strip lights not only have various colors but also there are a variety of color temperatures to choose from, which gives you more possibilities to enjoy led strip lights.

There are single color led strip lights, tunable white led strips, RGB led strip lights, RGBW led strip lights, RGBCCT led strip lights, and addressable RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT led strip lights.

Led strip lights Color and color temperature
Single color led strip lights Red, green, blue, ice blue, purple, pink, warm white, cool white, daylight, yellow
Tunable white led strip lights warm white(2800K-3200K), natural white(4000K-5000K), daylight white(6000K-6500K)
RGB led strip lights Color changing
RGBW led strip lights RGB color changing and white color
RGBCCT led strip lights RGB Color changing and warm white, cool white
Addressable RGB led strip lights Dream color
Addressable RGBW led strip lights Dream color
Addressable RGBCCT led strip lights Dream color

*Addressable dream color led strip light 


How to choose the right white light color temperature?

We provide 2700K-6500K white light color temperature to you to choose from warm white, daylight, to cool white. The 2800K-3200K is warm white, and the 6000K-6500K is daylight white. 

More led color knowledge:

Color difference between Warm White 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K Pure White and 7000K Cool White

What is color temperature?


Are LED Strip Lights sustainable?

In our daily life, paying attention to environmental protection is one of our responsibilities. That means it’s important that whether the materials we use are environmentally friendly. Led strip lights are sustainable in three aspects.

Led strip lights are more energy-saving, it is 80% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lamps. Compared with traditional lights, the energy of led strips requires less. Less energy means less consumption. While you are using one incandescent lamp, others can use multiple led strip lights with the same energy.

Non-toxic materials used in the production of led lights. It won’t be harmful to human health. Some traditional lights are not friendly to environment because of the toxic materials. The use of non-toxic materials greatly improves the possibility of sustainable development.

Led strip lights have a long lifespan, which can reach to 50,000 hours. The life of the LED is related to the LED chip and drive. LED long life is because it will not cause the problem of filament fusing. During the use of an led strip light, you may have replaced several traditional lamps. This is enough to prove that the led strip lights have a longer service life and more durable than traditional lamps.

Choosing led strip lights is not only a sustainable choice, but also a healthy choice. A good environment is the basis for our survival. And the environment is better, we can live better. 

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What are the pros and cons of led strip lights?


The pros of led strip lights are numerous. And it is precisely because of these advantages that more and more people are buying led strip lights to use indoor and outdoor, home, company, factory, supermarket, etc. If you want to enjoy led strip lights as well, start now. 

• Flexible / can be bent.

• Can be cut. 

• Easy to install. 

• Energy saving, high efficiency and environment friendly.

• Various color and color temperature to choose. 

• Adjustable brightness  . 

• Long lifespan. 

• Low voltage and safe.


Led strip lights need be connected to power supply if it want to work. And if your led strip light is color changing, it requires to install an led controller between led strips and power supply to control color and adjust brightness with a remote or mobile phone. Although your strip light is single color, it may need a dimmer sometime. Therefore, It may take some cost to prepare a set of led strip lights.

After reading the above content, I believe you should already have the answer whether start with led strip lights. If you have any other question, contact us and we will wholeheartedly answer for you.


Precautions for led strip lights

Although the led strip lights have a long life and is more durable than ordinary lamps, it should be protected during use. There are still some aspects that must be paid attention to, otherwise it may cause a reduction in the service life of the led strip and cause great damage to the lighting. Proper use not only protects the light strip itself, but also gives you a healthier light environment.

1. Naked led strip lights should avoid external force and prevent damage to the strip.

2. The led strip light cannot be installed on a sharp surface.

3. When the led strip light is rolled, it cannot be lighted up for a long time.

4. Make sure the wiring is correct when wiring the led strip lights to power supply or controller.

5. Make sure the current, voltage, and wattage are used correctly. Remember the rule 80%.

6. The led strip light can only be bent horizontally and backward along the arrangement direction of the SMD LED. 

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