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SP801E 4 SPI Channel MAX Output 4096Pixels WIFI Art-Net APP Control Digital Addressable LED Controller

SP801E 4 SPI Channel MAX Output 4096Pixels WIFI Art-Net APP Control Digital Addressable LED Controller


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    Product Description

    DC5-24V low voltage input, safe, stable and efficient, to prevent power reverse connection; built-in trigger function, support custom trigger effect parameters, with power-off save setting parameters, can be directly connected to the LED power adapter and LED strip light, plug and play.

    Max 4 output channels, output 4096 pixels, for DC5V individually addressable, support 4096 LEDs; for DC12V, 3LEDs cuttable, support 4096*3 LEDs; for DC24V, 6LEDs cuttable, support 4096*6 LEDs.

    WIFI Art-Net Digital LED controller, compatible with S2811, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815, WS2818, GS8206, UCS1903 addressable LED strip light.

    Built-in multiple control functions, multi-parameter adjustable, working with addressable LED strip light produces 16 million lighting color and 256 grey levels adjustment, suitable for bar/KTV atmosphere lighting.


    Product Features

    1. APP controlled via WiFi, compatible with multiple Art-Net computer software ;

    2. BluFi configuration using dual mode chip(WIFI&BT);

    3. Support AP mode and STA mode;

    4. Two layout setting method: regular rectangle layout setting and importing DXF files ;

    5. Support two layers overlay, built-in multiple types of effect layers: text layer, music effect layer...;

    6. The effect layers support a variety of custom parameters: direction, width, color, length, shape...;

    7. Real-time preview, support recording the current scene to the controller storage;

    8. Support change device name ,reorder the RGB order, and OTA update.


    Product Specification

    Product:   SP801E controller.

    Input Voltage:   DC5-24V.

    Solutions Service:   Lighting and circuitry design.

    Type:   smartphone APP Control.

    Controllable IC Chips:   1024*4 pixels

    Output Port:   4 channels.

    Support IC:   WS2812B/WS2811/SK6812/WS2813/WS2815/TM1812/UCS1903

    Output Signal:   SPI (TTL) Digital Signal.

    Dimension:   80mm*41mm*20mm;

    LED driver IC:   Normal one-wire RZ code LED driver IC .

    Support:   IOS 10.0/Android 4.4.

    Working Current:   25mA~130mA;

    Flash Capacity:   128M;

    Working Temperature:   -20℃~60℃.

    APP Control Distance:   15meters(49.2feet)

    APP Name:   BanlanX

    Speed Control:   adjustable

    Lighting Color:   16 million luminous colors

    Memory:   Automatic memory function


    App control:

    Both IOS version and Android OS version are available.

    Requires IOS version 10.0 or later, requires Android OS version 4.4 or later;

    Search BanlanX on the App Store or Google Play or scan this QR code to download and install the App




    Click on the button: Switch AP/STA mode;

    Press and hold the button: Enter the BluFi network configuration mode

    LED Indicator

    Blue static: AP(Access Point) mode;

    Green static: STA(Station) mode;

    Green flashing: BluFi configuration mode;

    Working Modes

    AP(Access Point) mode:Controller and Phone connect directly, controller works as an access point.

    Go to your phone Settings page, connect the controller(SSID like SP801E_XXX, the default password is 12345678);

    Open the BanlanX App ,Click “+” button to configure the new SP801E controller,then the controller will be showed on the device list


    STA(Station) mode:Controller and phone are in one same WiFi network, in this network, users can operate the controller.

    There are two ways to configure the controller into the local WiFi network:

    Connect your phone or tablet to a 2.4G Wi-Fi network.(Doesn't support 5.0G Wi-Fi network)

    Open the App and click“+” button to scan devices, click Add manually and select SP801E controller in the device category;

    Input your Wi-Fi network password; 

    BluFi config and AP config:

       •BluFi config: Press and hold device’s “STA/AP” button until the green led indicator flashes,then the device enters the network configuration state, click next and selcet the device you want to add;

       •AP config:Switching the device to the AP mode, click next and connect your phone’s WIFI to the named like SP801E_XXX hotspot, password is 12345678,and return to the APP;

    Pressing next step to wait for the configure processing finish;

    After the configuration finished, the LED indicator will turn into solid green, the controller will be showed on the device list.   

    Note: 1.Users can get more help and detailed information about SP801E on the Help&FAQ page.

        2.Please keep your phone, the Wi-Fi router and the controller closer together to maintain a better signal connection during configuration.


    Package included:

    1* SP801E LED strip light controller (power and strip light not include)


    Wiring Diagram: How to Wire Addressable LED Strip Lights?


    1.Interior Decoration: Club, bar, corridor, room, hotel, led aquarium lighting, museum, christmas, holiday, Retail LED lighting etc. 

    2.Exterior Decoration: Plaza, commercial buildings, parks, scenic spot, evening location, Sign illumination LEDs etc 


    SP801E 4 SPI Channel MAX Output 4096Pixels WIFI Art-Net APP Control Digital Addressable LED Controller

    These images were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the studio light source is provided by Ra 98's full spectrum LED strip to realistically reproduce the colors of the item itself. All copyrights are created by the superlightingled team, please feel free to browse and download if you are a registered user!

    SP801E 4 SPI Channel MAX Output 4096Pixels WIFI Art-Net APP Control Digital Addressable LED Controller

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