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Multi-Color RGB LED Strips

What is the difference between RGB, RGBW and RGBWW LED Strip Light?

RGB LEDs integrate red, green, and blue (3in1) LED chip, which is a 4-channel LED strips, you can also connect R/G/B common anode at the same time to produce white light, but the color temperature up to 9000K, display cool white lighting color with low color rendering index and long time load work, it is not recommend for daily lighting. So If you only need basic RGB colors for decorative lighting in your home environment, RGB LED strips are more cost effective.

RGBW LEDs integrate red, green, blue, and single white (4in1) LED chip,  among single white color is Warm White (2800-3200k); Netural White (4000-4500k); and Daylight White (6000-6500k) optional, which is a 5-channel LED strips and can produce high-quality single white light for home decorative lighting and daily ambient lighting.

RGBWW LED integrated red, green, blue, and tunable dual-white (5in1) LED chip, dual-white adjustment range is 2700K-6500K, CRI 85+ with a more flexible design structure, which is a 6-channel LED strip, can produce more pure warm white light-neutral white light-daylight white light, suitable for commercial decorative and task lighting.

What you need to know about led strip installation:

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