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DC5V 0.3W WS2811 Outdoor Full Color Digital Programmable DMX Addressable Diffused Dot Matrix Square LED Colorful Pixel Modules String

Model: DC-WS2801-IP68-0.3W01
DC5V 0.3W WS2811 Outdoor Full Color Digital Programmable DMX Addressable Diffused Dot Matrix Square LED Colorful Pixel Modules String

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    This is Full color 12V Super Bright High Efficiency SMD5050 WS2811 IC LED Pixel Modules. 1LEDs per piece, 0.3W per piece, 50pcs per string.

    Our LED modules adopt TOP SMD5050 LED light source, these pixels use a WS2811 chip for full 24 bit color, constant-current driven light spot, low light decrease, and good consistency. 160 degree wide viewing separable flexible strip to be bent into any shape. Narrow injection molded PVC design has two 4mm/0.15" mounting holes and with double sided adhesive foam tape for quick installation. 50pcs per string, single module can be cut, so you could cut a different length for your project and request. 20AWG 3pin cable, Red cable to connect 5v Positive / +, Green cable to connect Data Signal, Yellow cable to connect Clk Signal, Blue cable to connect 5v Negative /-, over-current capability, lower attenuation. The shell is made of injection molding process, aesthetic appearance, unique and excellent, aluminum PCB, good heat dissipation, heat dissipation. The LED strips Suitable for the commercial lighting as well as lighting professionals, Waterproof IP68, Suitable for both indoor & outdoor decorative application. 5VDC low voltage input operation, Low power consumption, high brightness, long lifespan, maintenance-free, safe and reliable. Quantity ordered will be wired together on a string with 50 modules maximum per strand.

    Working with WS2811 full controller, can download the programs in SD card, control Max 2048 Pixel, It have single color running scene.  5VDC power supply Link.


     The differences between WS2801 and WS2811 led modules

     WS2811: 3 wires, (V+,DATA,GND/V-),DC12V,SMD5050,0.96W/PCS, use WS2811 IC, the controller do not need to supply power seperately.

     WS2801: 4 wires, (V+,DATA,CLOCK,GND/V-),DC12V,SMD5050,0.96W/PCS, use WS2801 IC, the controller and modules need to supply power seperately.

     On the whole, their appearance, material, weight, brightness, power, function ,waterproof rating are the same, Just IC and wire number are different.

     WS2811 suitable for general lighting projects, such as luminous characters, signs lighting, high CPU occupancy, cheap price

     WS2801 suitable for large-scale lighting projects, such as architectural lighting, led screen, Can cascade, low CPU occupancy, Expensive than WS2811


    Standards and Certifications


    Product Specification

    LED Module Type:   Full Color 5050 LED Pixel Module

    IC type:   WS2811(high mode)

    LED quantity:   SMD5050 1pcs

    Working Temperature:   -4°F (-20°C) ~ 149°F (65°C)

    Package:   50pcs/string, one string

    Lamp spacing:  10cm

    Total length:   5-meter/1ft per string

    Lifespan:   50,000+hours

    Standards And Certifications:    CE/FCC/ISA Approved/ROHS

    Red Wiring colors:   5V Positive / +

    Green Wiring colors:   Data Signal

    Yellow Wiring colors:   Clk Signal

    Black Wiring colors:   5V Negative /-

    Wire Length:    75mm(2.95in)

    Dimensions:     L35mm(1.38") x W35mm(1.38") x H5mm(0.20")

    Input Voltage(V):   DC5V

    Working Current:   6mA / piece

    Output power:   0.3W / piece

    Grey scale:   256 levels

    Bit:   8

    Wavelength:   R 470 nm/G 520 nm/B 620 nm

    Lumen:   7 Lumen

    Warantty:   3 years

    Beam Pattern:   160 degree

    MCD Per Foot:   6500 mcd/ft

    With Controller:   Full Controller T-1000S/T-4000/T-8000



    1. three-dimensional light-emitting word

    2. Trademark lighting

    3. Logo lighting

    4. Channel letters lighting

    5. Light boxes lighting

    6. Landscape layout lighting

    7. Stage decoration lighting

    8. Sign cabinets

    9. Channel lights

    10. Cove LED lighting

    11. Edge lit signs

    12. Canopy illumination

    13. Off grid lighting


    Installation Instruction





    DC5V 0.3W WS2811 Outdoor Full Color Digital Programmable DMX Addressable Diffused Dot Matrix Square LED Colorful Pixel Modules String

    DC5V 0.3W WS2811 Outdoor Full Color Digital Programmable DMX Addressable Diffused Dot Matrix Square LED Colorful Pixel Modules String

    Here you can learn anything about led strip lights, find the part you are intrested in to learn more knowledge. There are knowledge parts of led strip lights, power supply, controller, accessories, and how to connect led strip lights, etc.  You can also watch our thousands of demo video .

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    2. How much LED brightness do I need?

    3. The working voltage is available?

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    • What is the voltage drop? How to solve it?

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    • AC VS DC 

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    4. Bluetooth controller

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