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DC24V 16.4Ft 2560 Chips Plastic Pink Flexible COB LED Strip Lights

Model: FSLCOB-24V-2110X2560-PP
DC24V 16.4Ft 2560 Chips Plastic Pink Flexible COB LED Strip Lights

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    Product Description:  What is COB LED strip light?

    COB is called Chip On Board. Board is PCB. Different from ordinary 5050SMD LED (LED bare chip is built-in plastic reflector), COB LED combined with COB chip and phosphor film LED die are directly packaged on the PCB.

    Free up enough space, the COB LED is small, and the LED quantity is very dense. At present, among our products, the densest COB can be 864Chips/m.

    LEDs are small and evenly arranged on the PCB, so the COB LED strip light is more flexible, suitable for ultra-narrow environments, the narrowest width can be 3mmand can be bent to a greater extent.

    Onboard chip technology can realize ultra-density LED. With 180 degrees beam angle, COB LEDs can almost achieve no spot. The denser LED, the smaller the spot. With 512Chips/m and above LEDs, almost no light spots can be seen.

    High efficiency, the low working power of LEDs but high output lumens, outpur power at 14.4W/m, but can output 100 lumens per watt

    Product Feature and Application:

      ►Plastic Pink Color high CRI

      ►Wave Length:430nm

      ►10mm good heat dissipation effect

      ►DC24V low voltage, safe and stable

      ►512Chips/m super density, no spot

      ►180 degrees uniform lighting

      ►Customized waterproof rating IP67 outdoor rainproof

      LED Task Lighting                

      Art Gallery Lighting 

      Off-Grid Lighting                 

      Exhibition Lighting              

      Studio Office Lighting 

      Retail Shop Lighting             

      Cove Lighting 

      Museum Lighting                 

      Bias Lighting 



    Standards and Certifications

    DC24V CE FCC UL RoHS ISA SGS ISO LIFETIME warranty led factory


    Product Specification

    LED Strip Type COB LED (COB Flexible led strip light specification PDF)
    LED Chip Epistar Chip
    Input Voltage DC24V
    Dimensions L500cm(196.8 in ) x W1.0cm(0.39 in ) x H0.12cm(0.05 in )
    Light Color Plastic Pink
    Lifespan 50,000+hours
    Working Temperature -20℃~+45℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
    Power 14.4W/m,  72W/Roll
    PCB Width 10mm/0.39in
    LED Quantity 512 chips per 1meter (3.28 ft)
    COB Dimension L500cm(196.8 in ) x W0.6cm(0.24 in ) 
    Cut Length 0.98"(25mm) 
    PCB color White
    Beam Angle 180°
    CRI 90+
    Waterproof Rating 

    IP20 IP20 Non-waterproof (The PCB [Printed Circuit Board] surface of the bare, with a self-adhesive back, For Indoor);

    IP67 IP67 Waterproof (Silicon sleeve waterproof, PCB is encapsulated with silicon tube, with a plastic fastener, better waterproof, For Outdoor);


    Wavelength NM(RGBY): 

    Color Wave Length
    Blue  455-465nm
    Green 520-530nm
    Red 620-630nm
    Yellow 585-595nm
    Orange 595-605nm
    Tiffany Blue 485nm
    Marrs Green  510nm
    Plastic Pink 430nm



    How to choose LED strip lights kit?

    You can choose the controller or power supply or controller plus power option for this COB LED strip. Of course, only the COB LED light is also completely possible. The difference is whether you need to control the LED brightness change of the COB strip and whether you can supply power to the light strip.

    In the following table, we list for you which products you will get if you choose the kit. If you have other needs, please check our product categories.

    LED Strip

    Kit Knowledge
    5m/16.4Ft LED Strip

    Controller: V1 + RT1 , more choice from Single Color Dimmer Series.

    Power supply: 24V 72W power supply adapter 

    More buy choice DC24V MW power supply series and DC24V Waterproof power supply series

    How to choose led strip light controllers?

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

    How to choose led strip light power supply?


    CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of how well a particular light source renders vivid, natural color. Lamps, led tubes, or led bulbs with an index of greater than 90 are generally considered High CRI light sources, and will make food, jewels, or any other product come alive with bright, natural color.

    CRI led strip


    Plastic Pink Description:

    Refers to the high-frequency part of the visible light of electromagnetic waves, which has a higher frequency than blue light.

    Frequency of the electromagnetic wave is 700~790THz (corresponding to the wavelength of 430~380nm in the air).

    Human eye can see a higher frequency in the visible spectrum, but the light with a shorter wavelength is called Plastic Pink.

    Plastic pink color is eye-catching and adds a stylish touch. Color is between red and blue, with many transitional colors in between.

    Plastic pink is an elegant color, associated with luck and wealth, gorgeousness, and romance.

    Plastic pink is consistent with the color of plants, spanning warm and cold colors, and has an atmosphere that combines earth and nature.



    Installation Instruction: How to Install LED Strip Lights?

    how to cut led strip

    arrow You can cut the strip every few inches, allowing you to freely design your project, without worrying about space requirements to many different surfaces.

    led strip adhesive tape

     arrow The back of the strip is fitted with a strong 3M tape, allowing you to peel and stick lights  

    led strip light mounting brackets

    arrow IP67/IP68 waterproof type which will needs LED mounting brackets


    Don't know how to wire? please read the following articleHow to wire the single color LED strip light

    single color led strip light wiring diagram




    COB Light Strip Advantages :

    Multiple COB light strip colors optional, such as Single color/CCT/RGB/Addressable RGB light strip can be customized

    Flexible choice of multiple sizes, 3mm/4mm/5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm

    PCB back with 3M tape, for an easy installation.


    COB LED Strip Light Series Feature:


    DC24V 16.4Ft 2560 Chips Plastic Pink Flexible COB LED Strip Lights

    These images were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the studio light source is provided by Ra 98's full spectrum LED strip to realistically reproduce the colors of the item itself. All copyrights are created by the superlightingled team, please feel free to browse and download if you are a registered user!

    DC24V 16.4Ft 2560 Chips Plastic Pink Flexible COB LED Strip Lights

    Here you can learn anything about led strip lights, find the part you are intrested in to learn more knowledge. There are knowledge parts of led strip lights, power supply, controller, accessories, and how to connect led strip lights, etc.  You can also watch our thousands of demo video .

    Led strip lights

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    • What are waterproof led strip lights?

    • How to cut and connect waterproof led strip lights?

    2. How much LED brightness do I need?

    3. The working voltage is available?

    • 5V VS 12V VS 24V led strips

    • AC VS DC 

    4. How long is the LED strip light suitable for my project?

    5. Do I need an LED light controller to adjust the LED color and brightness?

    6. How to power the LED strip lights?

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    3. How long do LED strip lights last?

    Is it worth getting led strip lights?  

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    2. Why are LED lights energy efficient?

    3. Are LED Strip Lights sustainable?

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    2. How do you stop LED strips from overheating?

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    4. Is it safe to sleep with LED strip lights on?  

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    COB led strip light

    What is COB led strip light?

    1. What is COB?

    2. What is the COB production process? 

    3. Different types of COB strip lights

    4. What is the difference between COB and SMD led strip lights?

    5. What is the difference between COB and LED?

    6. Are COB led strips better?

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    Addressable led strip

    Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Addressable LED Strip

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    Can you cut addressable LED strips?

    How to judge if an LED strip is individually addressable?

    How to choose the best DC12V addressable led strips?

    How to choose the best DC5V digital led strips?

    How to choose the right IC for your project?

    Which IC is most commonly used?

    How do I know my IC type?

    How do I know if my IC is good or bad?

    How many types of IC are there?

    How to wire addressable led strips?


    Color, color temperature, and CRI

    The Color Difference Between Warm White 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K Pure White and 7000K Cool White

    1. What is color temperature?

    2. What color temperature is right for me?

    • 2700K VS 3000K

    • How obvious is the difference between 2700K and 3000K?

    • Warm White 3000K VS Natural White 4000K VS Daylight White 6000K

    • Warm White VS Cool White

    3. Enjoy 2700K, 4000K, 6000K

    4. Further Reading: How to install Warm White LED light strip?

    How to choose the right color for your led strip lights? -

    1. How many colors are in LED strip lights? 

    2. What do LED light colors mean?

    3. Why do white LED light turns to yellow? 

    4. Why are your led strip lights not the same color?

    5. What is the most relaxing color for LED lights? 

    6. What color led lights is best for sleeping?

    7. Are led lights bad for your eyes? 

    8. Is cool white or warm white better for eyes?

    What is color temperature?

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    2. Does color temperature keep the same as time goes by?

    3. What color temperature is best for night?

    4. Led strip lights about color temperature,CCT VS RGBW VS RGBCCT;

    What is color rendering in​dex?

    1. What is CRI in led lights?

    2. How to choose the right CRI when buying led strip lights?

    3. What is the relationship between CRI and brightness?

    4. Is higher CRI better? High CRI VS Low CRI;

    5. How to find CRI value? 


    Led strip light connection

    How to connect led strip lights?

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    2. How to connect LED light strips without connectors?

    3. How to solder wires to LED strips?

    4. How to connect LED strips without soldering?

    5. Which one is better between soldering and using a connector?

    6. How to connect mutiple led strip lights?

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    How to connect led strip to the power supply?

    1. Ensuring the working voltage and power first

    2. How to hardwire led strip lights?

    3. Can I connect multiple LED strips to the same LED power supply?

    How to wire led strip lights?

    How to wire single color led strip lights?

    How to wire tunable white/CCT led strip lights?

    How to wire RGB color changing led strip lights?

    How to wire RGBW led strips?

    How to wire RGBCCT led strip lights?

    How to wire addressable led strips?


    Controller for led strip lights

    How to choose led strip light controllers?

    1. WIFI controller

    2. RF controller

    3. IR controller

    4. Bluetooth controller

    5. Remote control and panel control

    6. Single color controller and multi-color controller

    7. DMX512 controller

    8. SPI controller

    9. DALI controller

    10. 0/1-10V dimmer

    11. Triac series

    12. Sonsor series


    Led power supply

    How to calculate power for led strip lights?

    4 steps to calculate the power you need

    Performance And Reasons Of LED Voltage Drop

    How to choose led strip light power supply?

    1. Alternating current power supply VS Direct current power supply

    2. Constant current power supply VS Constant voltage power supply

    3. How to choose the best led power supply for your led strip light?


    Led strip light installlation

    How to install led strip lights? What accessories will be needed?

    1. Adhesive installation for IP20 and IP65 led strip lights

    2. How to choose the right led tape?

    3. Can IP20 and IP65 led strip lights use aluminum profiles?

    4. How to use aluminum profiles?

    5. Mounted clip installation for IP67 and IP68 light strips

    How to install LED sensor stair lights?

    Lighting Up Your Stairs With LED Strip Lights Ideas

    How to install led strip lights on TV?

    How to install led strip lights outdoor?



    How to choose led strip light connectors?

    1. Are all LED light strip connectors the same?

    2. How do LED strip lights connectors work?

    3. What connectors do you need for LED strip lights?

    4.  What are the different kinds of LED connectors?

    5. How to choose the right connector for your led strip lights?

    Ultimate Guide on Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

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    2. Why choose aluminum profiles?

    3. Different types of LED aluminum profiles

    4. LED aluminum profile VS COB LED strips

    5. How to install LED aluminum channels?

    6. How To Get Ideal Light Diffuser For Your LED Strip?

    7. Add Black Aluminum LED Light Diffusers For Your Home Lighting

    8. How To Find The Right Aluminum LED Light Strip Diffuser Channel?


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