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65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit

Model: B07JNT1GC9
65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit
  • 65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit

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    65ft addressable led strip lights

    led strip amazon



    ✅ New Kit Packaged: As the best choice for the present, the led strip light full kit cover whatever you need. Not only high-quality led tape lights but also a full 12-month warranty, 30 days money back guarantee for your easy purchase

    ✅ Strong backing adhesive: Mounting brackets and Self-adhesive back for the dual safe and easy application. For a better stick, please clean the surface with alcohol before your installation. ( IP67 LED strips without the adhesive backing tape) 

    ✅ Coolest DIY Kits: The strips can be cut every 6 LEDs along the cutting marks.

    ✅ Smart and Energy Efficiency: The APP supports IOS and Android devices, Built-in 150 Kinds Color chasing modes and DIY single color. You can customize the color order and ICs type, the controller supports up to 164 feet WS2811 led rope lights. 24V low working voltage more security.

    ✅ Widely Application: With waterproof Rating of IP67, led lights strip is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. For the bedroom, desk, tv backlight, anywhere anytime can be used, 

    ✅ If you want to use it outdoors, please install the power adapter and controller in a dry environment, such as a waterproof box or a waterproof bag,  and make sure that the AC plug is fixed out of the reach of children.


    Click to view the DC7-24V Android WiFi music controller

    Click to view the SP511E WiFi Alexa controller

    Click to view the SP107E Bluetooth music controller

    Click to view the SP601E Bluetooth music controller + RF remote 

    Click to view the SP108E WiFi DIY Mode controller

    Click to view the WiFi SPI Alexa & Google Home controller

    Click to view the RF Remote + Bluetooth music controller


    Package Included

    1 x 20 Meter 5050 SMD LED Light Strips (Waterproof IP20 or IP67 optional,  the connector non-waterproof)

    1 x SP107E Bluetooth MUSIC controller or other controllers  (Non-waterproof)

    2 x 24V 8.33A Power Supply  (Non-waterproof) (If you want to use the waterproof power supply, please use the DC24V 200W Waterproo IP67 power supply)

    20 x mounting brackets   (Please clean and dry the fixed surface and keep it dry) Suitable for waterproof IP67 only, not for waterproof IP65/ non-waterproof IP20)



    If you want to complete a custom project and choose the waterproof power supply and waterproof connector, you can also add our reels and other accessories and create a new kit list, if you are not sure whether it is correct, please contact us,

    If you have a Linear Project for outdoor, We recommend using two 24V 200W waterproof power supplies at each end for every 1 roll / 20 meters,

    If you have a Circle Project for outdoor, we recommend using a 24V 350W waterproof power supplies at one end for every 1 roll / 20 meters, (We will send a DC 1 to 2 connector)

    If you have a Circle Project for indoor, we recommend using a 24V 350W IP20 power supplies at one end for every 1 roll / 20 meters, (We will send a DC 1 to 2 connector)

    If you need a power plug, please buy it separately.

    The length price in the option only applies to non-waterproof power supply and connector. If you choose a waterproof IP67 power supply, you need to pay an additional fee according to the number of power supplies



    Controller type: SPI Bluetooth(support IOS&Android device)

    Length: 20M / 65.6 foot

    LED Quantity: 60LED/m, 1200 LEDs/20m

    Color: Addressable RGB

    Beam angle: 120 degrees

    Input voltage: 24V DC

    Working Power:  288W

    Working Temperature: -20° to 50°

    Waterproof Level:  No-waterproof IP20 or Waterproof IP67

    Lifetime: 50,000+ hours


    Please Note

    1. The kit comes with 65.6ft RGB color chasing LED strips, Bluetooth controller, AC to DC power adapter and connectors. No more accessories are required.

    2. Please expand the LED Strip Light before connecting to the power supply.

    3. Make sure the mounting surface is clean and will hold the adhesive tape. We recommend cleaning the surface with alcohol for best results.


    Control Function

    Search for and install "LED Chord" via App Store or Google Play, then open the phone Bluetooth, open the app, search for LED Chord and connect it, then click directly to enter (we have completed the setup)

    There are 120 color chase modes in the operation interface, you can mark the mode you like, and select 256 kinds of the single color by sliding the color ring. All modes can adjust brightness and speed.

    At SuperLightingLED, your product’s warranty covers any items that are damaged upon arrival. If you received a defective item, please contact us before any negative feedback or reviews, and we will be happy to replace it at no cost.



    Waterproof Level Description

    IP20 IP20 Non-waterproof (The PCB [Printed Circuit Board] surface of the bare, with a self-adhesive back, For Indoor);

    IP65 IP65 Waterproof (Epoxy cover waterproof, PCB surface is encapsulated with plastic Gel, with self-adhesive 3M back, For Outdoor & Indoor);

    IP67 IP67 Waterproof (Silicon sleeve waterproof, PCB is encapsulated with silicon tube, with a plastic fastener, better waterproof, For Outdoor);

    IP68 IP68 Waterproof (Fully waterproof plastic irrigation, PCB both surface and back are encapsulated with plastic Gel, with a plastic fastener, the top level of waterproof, For Outdoor); 

    The waterproof grade of IP65, IP67, and IP68 will affect the color temperature due to the material problem, resulting in an increase of about 1000K. If you want to purchase the waterproof LED strips and have requirements on the color temperature, please note when placing the order.

    led strip waterproof level



    1. Which APP does this controller use?

    A: The controller needs to download the “LED Chord” APP, compatible with iOS and Android devices;

    2. Do I need to set up after receiving the goods?

    A: No, we have already set the correct parameters for you. If you find that the parameters are incorrect, please refer to the setting instructions to set the correct pixel number and RGB sort;

    3. How to fix them?

    A: These are IP67 waterproof types. The back of the casing does not support 3M backing adhesive, but we have sent 50 ABS clips with 3M foam glue, one for every 1.3 feet. Before fixing these clips, please make sure that the touch surface is clean and dry. Please remove the red protective film when fixing and press it with your fingers for 5 seconds;

    4. Why did I receive two power adapters?

    A: These are DC24V addressable RGB LED strips. More than 32 feet will produce a voltage drop. When you choose white light, the remaining 50% will not produce 100% white light due to insufficient voltage, so 65 feet need to supply power at both ends;

    5. What is the power size of this kit?

    A: 0.2W/LEDs, 36LEDs/m, 65 feet power up to 144Watt, but we matched two DC24V 4A 96W power supplies, so this is enough for you to run 65 feet of length, please ensure that both power adapters work at the same time, otherwise it will cause another adapter output is overloaded, hot and damaged;

    6. What if I want a customized length?

    A: These strips can be cut for every 6 LEDs, and the cutting position is in the middle of the 3 soldering copper points, but if you are not a professional electrician, we do not recommend that you cut it, which may damage the PCB and the waterproof performance of the casing, After cutting, the other end cannot be powered again, please find professional electricians and welding tools, you can also contact us for customized length service; support@superlightingled.com

    7. I want extra-long lighting over 65 feet, how can I solve it?

    A: Yes, this controller supports up to 8 65-foot reels(520ft) in series. You only need to buy the correct length, and then connect these LED strips in series through the JST male and female connectors and supply power separately at both ends of each reel. Add enough pixels on the APP (120 pixels/roll);

    8. What should I do if I find that some units or parts are not working?

    A: Dear customers, please feel free to contact us, we provide 365 days after-sales service, you can get technical support and unit replacement service; support@superlightingled.com

    9. If I don't like it, what should I do?

    A: Dear, please help us put the product back in the box and apply for the return service through Amazon. The returned product can be sold at a discount again, so please do not apply for the reason that the product is damaged or defective, which will cause the product to be destroyed. It is not easy to make these products, and the cost and transportation costs are as high as tens of dollars. Please understand, thank you!

    10. I have a commercial purchase, are there more discounts?

    A: Yes, please contact us to get a commercial quotation;

    65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit

    By : Mandilyn Davis Date Added: 12/28/2020
    App help
    Rating: 5 or 5 stars
    By : Neville Spanaus Date Added: 06/09/2020
    Works great, thanks, it's a 20m reel.
    Rating: 5 or 5 stars
    By : Jessee Wales Date Added: 05/01/2019
    First day review: Package organized well. There is a QR code that you can scan to get instructions online. The app is easily downloaded and connected quickly to the louvre once they were plugged in. The controls from the app are easy to follow and the lights responded quickly to making adjustments. The lights resold well to music. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and would highly recommend!
    Rating: 5 or 5 stars
    By : Ariana Hernandez Date Added: 03/12/2019
    Everything seems to work as advertised, but the power supply failed after about a month of occasional use. It was beyond the time frame of being able to return the product, but the seller quickly made it right by reimbursing me my cost to purchase a new power supply. Thank You!!
    Rating: 5 or 5 stars
    By : Scott Jones Date Added: 03/03/2019
    So easy to install. The flexible strip and the tape on the back made installation of 32' take about 10 minutes. Plugged everything in and it was up and running perfect. My kids lost their mind when they came into the room. These are very bright and the sync to the phone app is instant feedback. I was skeptical at first. I am super happy now with this purchase!
    Rating: 5 or 5 stars
    By : Radonna Date Added: 01/20/2019
    Very nice functions and ease of the app to use. Just wish it had extra splice connections and maybe 90 degree corner connections.
    Rating: 4 or 5 stars

    These images were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the studio light source is provided by Ra 98's full spectrum LED strip to realistically reproduce the colors of the item itself. All copyrights are created by the superlightingled team, please feel free to browse and download if you are a registered user!

    65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit65.6ft/20m Multi Color Chasing RGB Long LED Strip Light Kit

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