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Addressable LED Strip Lights

What is addressable LED strip?

As a programmable LED strip, each addressable LED has an integrated driver that allows the brightness and color of each RESULTED IN be regulated separately, that is, an LED can be a various color to the one beside it. Therefore, it enables us to develop lovely and complex illumination effects.

How to control addressable LED strip lights?

Almost all addressable LED strips can be controlled by our Dream color LED controller, support WIFI & Bluetooth APP/Amazon /Google /RF control, and have multiple control methods such as timing/music/group function.

Home lighting: one to one (one LED controller control one LED strip). All SPI controllers are suitable for home lighting environment, plug and play, you don’t need to program, built-in hundreds of dynamic modes; for the customers with a development background, consider using the Arduino development board, by setting the Arduino ID and installing the driver program, adding a database and creating scripts to control the LED strips.

Commercial lighting: one to more (one LED controller control several LED strips). SD digital LED controller online/offline programming output LED display lighting effect (T-1000S / K-1000C / T-4000 / K-8000 / T-300K).

Industrial lighting: one to more and support DMX to signal transform. Art-net DMX digital LED controller (BC-204 / BC-216) through PC Mardix to control the SPI LED strip display lighting of different output channels; Or DMX SPI decoder(DSA / LT-DMX-1809) through the DMX console to control the addressable LED strips in different areas to show the lighting effect.

How to cut the addressable LED strip light?

All LED light strips can be cut through the LED cutting points. Due to the different density of the LED light strip, the minimum cutting length of the LED light strip is different. For most of the addressable LED strips, DC5V, individually addressable, single LED cuttable; DC12V, 3LEDs cuttable; DC24V, 6LEDs cuttable.

How to choose a LED power supply for your addressable LED strip?

To avoid the power load, the power of the LED power supply is 1.2 times the power of the LED strip light, we provide DC5/12/24V LED power supply optional. For indoor environment, you can choose our IP20 power supply; for outdoor environment, you can choose our UL-Listed IP67 power supply

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